Crafts and Projects

I’ve been crafting since I could hold a sewing needle… and sewn cloths right onto dolls. Thankfully, my style has changed a bit since childhood!

Bag’s I’ve sold on Etsy: 

Chevron 1 Chevron Clutch 1 Chevron Yellow 11

There are many more on my online shop as well.

scarf finished

I made this infinity scarf from fabric I got at a garage sale. The instructions are on my site.

I made these Mega Man and Mega Lady pillows for a friend’s wedding this past summer.

I found a neat way to hang records on a wall without damaging the records. See that post here.


My first woven basket. I got a whole “how to” kit one year for christmas.

I got the idea to frame ferns and leaves from the movie “Practical Magic”. I’ve had to swap out the leaves over time since they tend to turn brown… Who knew? I found the frames at the Dollar Tree for a dollar a piece, and then got paper to put in the background at a local craft store for .50 cents a piece. I went around the block and collected leaves, and plants and pressed them into books. After they were flat, and dry, I was able to frame them. Some had to be glued to the page, others sat flat. Then I just hung them on the wall in whichever order I wanted to!

Framed Leaves

Pressed and framed leaves. Such a cheap craft project.

Comic Chair

This is a Chair I decorated for my school’s annual Auction.  We only had $5 to spend after the chair (From Ikea) was provided to us. I went to the local Half Priced Books and bought a Batman – vs – The Punisher graphic novel, and took my can of Mod Poge and cut and glued the squares to the chair, then used the Mod Poge to varnish the chair as well. A little black paint as trim, and The chair was ready to go! I had 2 bidders fighting for it, and it finally sold for $40.


I did this cork board / memo holder when I realized my cork board was getting a little messy… I took ribbon and stapled it to the board with a staple gun, then covered the staples by hot gluing buttons to the stapled areas. It holds pretty good!


I found a picture of a tote bag that I wanted to make one night, and I’ll post the inspiration and my version of the bag. I have a love of making tote bags, but I never really use them. I guess I just like to make things.

Inspiration for tote bag


My version.

My altered sweater. You can see the post I did about it here. 

Here’s a dressy apron I made. You can see the blog post here.

I made these teddy bears. Here’s the post about them.


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