On the Set Design: 27 Dresses

Ok, so (almost) every girl loves a good Rom-Com. But (almost) every designer girl loves a good Rom Com with a great setting and good design. One of my favorites is the apartment in 27 Dresses. It’s tiny, it’s chic, and it’s got great design.


The apartment (and the filming) takes place in New York city. Image credit.

27 dresses foyer

Upon entering the apartment you see great Greek columns, a dark sage green wall, and black and white vintage tile floors.

27 entry way

Here’s a better shot of the entry way.  Look how sassy they both are!

27 dresses kitchen

The kitchen. I love the vintage white cabinets, and open shelving.

27 living room

Here you see a camel back velvet sofa, vintage Chippendale style in the living room. Image Credit.

27 bath

Here is a shot of the gorgeous robin’s egg blue bathroom. Image Credit.

27 closet 2

A shot of the apartment leading into the closet. She has so many cute little antique tables. Image Credit.

The infamous dress closet. Again you see the sage green wall, wainscoting and great molding, and a wooden panel wall going into the bedroom. Image Credit.

27 living room 2

This shot taken from the living room shows a peek of the bedroom behind. It’s got an urban white painted brick wall, and upholstered headboard bed.

27 james

Image Credit.

27 desk

The workstation for the workaholic is located right in the living room too.

27 living room 4

And behind a happy Jane you see the rest of the workstation and pin up board. Image Credit.

27 living room 3

In the living room you also see the colorful sheer roman shades, the long window seat, and all of the great and stylish furniture and accessories. Image Credit.

27 living room 5

Look at this great behind the scenes shot! And those pink bedroom walls!

And since I’m obsessed with floor plans, here’s my plan for Jane’s apartment.

27 Dresses Floor plan

Happy movie watching!


On the Set Design: Jamie’s Apartment in Friends With Benefits

In the 2011 movie “Friends with Benefits,” Mila Kunis’s character Jamie and Justin Timberlake’s character Dylan meet, become friends, then more, hence the title of the movie. And in true Hollywood form, there’s conflict between them only because of their underlying feelings for each other that they are suppressing due to past hurts, they argue, they work it out, they fall in love, the end! (Did I spoil anything that wasn’t implied?) The movie was way better then it’s twin, “No Strings” staring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It was pretty much the same movie as FWB with half the wit and none of the realistic emotions. One of my favorite parts of FWB is Jamie’s apartment.

It’s a vintage, eclectic, and antique filled, super huge Manhattan apartment is full of spring colors, tons and tons and tons of lamps, and long flowing drapes. I’m in love.


Entry 1

When Jamie opens the door, you see a great detailed mirror behind her, and a reflection of a wall sconce.

Entry 2

I love the vintage looking (or Chalk Painted?) cabinet behind the door. There is no shortage of wall scones here.

Entry 3

Behind Jamie and Dylan you see an awesome vintage framed Cuba poster, and Ikea floating shelves full of books and knick knacks. To the left is the entry door.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 67

This photo from Cindy Coburn shows a more professional shot of the entry. I don’t know who needs 2 desks, but Jamie must be a pretty busy person.

Living Room

Living Room 1

The living room is huge. And count the lamps: 5 lamps and 3 wall sconces. I’d hate to see her electric bill.

Living Room 2

In this shot you see the entry to a gorgeous brick patio to the left, and the kitchen to the right. And yes that window goes to the kitchen.

Living Room 4

There are so many pieces of vintage furniture here. I love the light green painted table on the left of the bench, and the wall and trim colors.

Living Room 5

Here you can see how she moved the TV to watch a movie from the sofa. It must be on a rolling cart. You can also see the window to the kitchen here better, and it looks like tile work on the kitchen floor.

Living Room 6

Here you can see the shutters on the windows, the long floor to ceiling drapes, and the spilled popcorn.

Living Room 7

Everything looks second hand, from the bamboo coffee table, the green ceramic lamps, the green painted cabinet in the background, and the one cushion, blue velvet sofa.

Living Room 8

I love the color scheme, the honey brown candles, the knit throw blanket.

Living Room 9

I love the light green chair behind her mom, and the tall glass door hutch in the corner. I can’t decide if there are too many window treatments here. Drapes, shutters, and matchstick blinds.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 02

In this professional photo the room is tidy, and well lit. You can see the parquet floors, the design on the rug, and a basket of blankets by the fireplace.

Jamie Living Room

Here’s my assumed plan for the living room based on watching the movie and seeing screen shots.


Kitchen 1

This kitchen is small, but has all of the room it needs. I don’t think I would want to see the toilet from my kitchen (in design school, it was a faux pas.)

Kitchen 2

A close up.

Kitchen 3

From this shot you can tell the kitchen has a cut out into a hall behind it, that you rarely see, except from Jamie’s bedroom. There is also a door onto the patio from the kitchen, which I think is valuable kitchen space that could have been used, and the door to the patio could have been in the living room.


Bedroom 1

In the first scene where you see the bedroom (and more) you aren’t really looking at the bedroom, for obvious reasons. But upon closer inspection, you see more floor to ceiling drapes, in a dark peacock green/blue, more tiny shaded wall sconces, and a view right out to the patio and through to the living room.

Bedroom 3

Here’s a closer shot of the adorable gold vintage headboard and the poster above the bed. “It Happened One Night” is an amazing movie, if you haven’t seen it, DO!

Bedroom 2

In this shot you see the door into the bedroom on the right, and the bathroom on the left. Out of the door you can see down the hallway that you don’t otherwise see.

Bedroom 4

Here you can see out onto the patio from the bedroom.


Is ANYONE ELSE obsessed with finding this robe?

Bathroom 1

Here’s a closer shot of the bathroom. It’s clear where the toilet is here.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 27

Here’s a set photo of the bedroom from the patio. You can see the tufted bench at the end of the bed.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 12

In this shot you see the whole closet.

And because this is what I do (Interior Design), I see movies and think of floor plans. This is my assumed plan for her bedroom.

Jamie Bedroom FWB

And after much (oddly obsessive) movie watching, here’s my assumed apartment plan:

Jamie's Apartment

What movies inspire you? Happy viewing!

Road Trip Map: Elizabethtown Style

So the fiancee and I are planning a road trip to the west coast this summer to celebrate being young, and engaged. We want to do a total west coast camping and driving and biking excursion, using flier miles and bringing a tent and just playing everything by ear. But me, I can’t play everything by ear! I’m a total control freak. I need to plan some things. I plan on planning things. Haha. Where are the gas stations? Where will we sleep? And most importantly, where will we eat? I will surely be doing a TON of research ahead of time, and putting it somewhere I would like to resemble the awesome road trip map Claire made in Elizabethtown for Drew (Orlando Bloom.) This movie isn’t that good. Minus the soundtrack and the eye candy, there’s not much good here. I’ve already blogged about this, I’m sure. But this book is inspiring! She also must have stayed up like a robot for days straight to make it, there’s not enough time in the, like 3 days, she knows this guy to make this EPIC map, er, binder of awesomeness.

road map


  • Binder
  • Tons of paper. In many colors.
  • Printed maps, or actual purchased maps
  • Tape (washi, scotch, double sided, or anything you desire)
  • Binder page clear sleeves
  • Thick cardstock
  • Post it notes
  • Elmer’s glue, gluesticks, mod podge, adhesives.
  • CD sleeve pages and blank CD’s.
  • A computer with a CD burner, and printer.
  • Polaroid Camera.
  • Instant camera and point and shoot camera for the trip.
  • Every brochure and business card, stickers, bumper stickers, placemats, you can get your hands on.
  • Wine. Lots of wine.

elizabethtown 1

 Claire and her planning. Glue stick and magazines and brochures galore . Image cred.

claire living room

Where is that cat? You know cats love crafts. And if she is sitting on the floor, the cat would be ON HER.


Intro to book with lots of maps.

Eliz Map

He starts in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and ends in Oregon, his home state.


Here’s Drew’s first look into the book. I’m sure it’s a little overwhelming since Claire has timed every second of his day.


Here’s a sample of the book. Where did she get all those postcards on such short notice? My book will have to have blank pages to fill as the trip goes on. You should have a passenger to read the directions to you. It must be hard to drive and read this novel at the same time.


A true testament to the sharpie. She lists the music she picks for him. All 42 hours worth!


More music and pull out brochures. Then again, Claire IS a flight attendant. Maybe she collected all of those brochures on the job?

elizabeth map

Full of brick-a-brack, she also owns a Polaroid.

map shot

Claire also randomly has a map of where Drew is going! That’s convenient. This site has pics of ALL the map shots. I don’t want to steal them all, so I took some of my own.


The book includes highlighted maps that pull out everywhere. In this scene Drew scatters some of his father’s ashes into the Mississippi.






Little notes and phrases everywhere. I will love to do this, as well as overheard conversations and little reminders of the trip.


Again with the Polaroids! I think I will have to get one for the trip… So I can have instant photos for my book!

cortina mapp

How did you document a road trip? What are your favorite destinations?

Happy driving!

On The Set Design: “Elizabethtown” Claire’s Apartment

Ok, so even though I watch this movie all the time, “Elizabethtown” (2005) was pretty bad. The plot was terrible, the character development was bad and totally unrealistic, there was no romantic chemistry between the leads (although Orlando Bloom was in it, so wink wink to that…) and Kirsten Dunst’s character was stalkery and way, way too cliché. The best part was her apartment, and the journal / scrapbook / road trip guide she made for Drew (Orlando Bloom), which by the way that she unrealistically made in like 3 hours that really would have taken weeks. Blog post about that gem is here.

To get pictures of Claire’s place I had to watch the movie and pause the screen. But, I got some good ones.


Claire Hall

This screenshot of the foyer shows a cute narrow dresser, a couple of mirrors, wall shelves, and floral arrangements. Very vintage and shabby chic.


Claire Kitchen

Claire has a vintage little kitchen with a yellow stove, and checker floor. I love the gray-blue walls.

claire's kitchen

Here’s a close up of the floor. In this scene she’s scooping a cat box, but you never see a cat…

claire kitchen

Gif Credit 


Clarie 3

Here’s a shot of what I believe is the bedroom. I don’t recall seeing this furniture in any other scene. I love the keyholes though, I have a dresser with skeleton key holes, and I happen to collect skeleton keys. I haven’t checked to see if they fit though. I should. She also has a cat lamp. I love that. You can see on the screen that she’s making the road trip map. I haven’t been able to find the little cat light on the shelf, but I found something close.

Claire Bed

The blue wall is bright, and “Charming.” Want to replicate that? Try Benjamin Moore Paint color “House of Blues” 758. Same goes for the dining room.

Claire Bedroom

Claire in her red sheets. Image Credit 

Claire 6

I’m a fan of the vintage lamp in the bedroom, and the red sheets are a great contrast.

Living room

Claire 7

My favorite room! The reason I wanted to paint my office/ living room (the room adjoining the Living Room) blue. That and it’s the only gallon of paint I have laying around. So blue it is! I mean look at those oriental rugs, the vintage dress form, flowing drapes, and chandelier. Love.

Claire 10

I’m a huge fan of the blue! Maybe because it’s my favorite color… How can she afford this apartment on a flight attendant’s salary? Oh yeah, she lives in Kentucky.

claire living room

Image Credit

Here’s the famous road trip journal in the making! They want you to believe she made a 2 day long soundtrack and map with stops in like 3 hours. Because she’s super human. She’s also supposed to have a cat, which she does not, because anyone that has a cat knows they would be ALL OVER YOU as soon as you do a project on the floor. Also, having blue pillows in the living room ties in the blue in the dining room.

Claire 4

Where is this taking place? I don’t know. But I like the vintage print and the lamp.

Claire 1

This bathroom is adorable. Subway tile. Peacock blue. Crystal knobs. Sold.

Clarie Bath

Closeup of the subway tile. How long were they on the phone?! My guess: 6 hours. They both stopped to charge their phones, and go to the bathroom. Only in the movies.

Here’s my take on Claire’s apartment (after obsessive pause and go movie watching) And of course I had to guess on over half because you only get to see half of her apartment. But it’s fun to imagine!

Claire Apartment Plan

What’s your favorite movie apartment? Happy viewing!

On The Set Design: “Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace”

My boyfriend introduced me to this little cult classic of a tv show called “Doctor Who” about a year ago. You may have heard of it. A time lord in a spaceship that looks like an old police box travels through space and time with a female companion to save the universe over and over again. It is a very well written show, and as the seasons go on, I think it keeps getting better and better. The following episide I am writing about today is a personal favorite. The plot is genius, and heartfelt, and the set is accuratly late 17th century.

The “Girl” staring into the broken clock on the fireplace.

This episode is in the second series (well, the latest second series) where David Tennant plays “The Doctor”, and he is accompanied by “Rose” played by Billie Piper, and her boyfriend Micky.

This particular episode sticks with me mainly because of the sweet, heart-wrenching plot, ( the episode was nominated for a Nebula Award[3] and won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form) , and the story line’s accuracy to the real events surrounding the incredible Madame De Pompadour’s life.

The real Madame De Pompadour

Here’s a synapsis of the storyline: The T.A.R.D.I.S., (the Doctor’s Spaceship) arrives in a seemingly abandoned space station floating in outerspace. The travelers curiously find an 18th century French fireplace on board. Looking through the fireplace, the Doctor sees a young girl. He asks who she is, and she replies that her name is Reinette, and that she lives in Paris in the year 1727 (a young Madame de Pompadour). The fireplace turns out to be a “time window”, allowing direct access Reinette’s bedroom. The Doctor discovers that each time he passes through the fireplace, months have passed here, rather than mere seconds in the Doctor’s time on the spaceship.

Reignette’s gorgeous 18th century bedroom. Note the multi colored paneled walls, candle lit sconces, rich fabrics and large bed. Fit for a King’s mistress.

Doctor discovers a ticking humanoid wearing eighteenth century clothing and a jester’s mask hiding under Reinette’s bed. The Doctor tricks the robot back to the spacecraft, where he and his companions learn that it is actually an android made of intricate clockwork. Returning to Reinette’s bedroom, the Doctor finds that much time has passed, and she is now a young woman, and the King’s Mistress, and well known socialite.

The androids trying to take Reignette’s brain. Notice the beautiful costumes, jewelery and hair styles.

Returning to the ship, the Doctor and his companions find several additional time windows at various locations throughout the ship, each leading to a different moment from the life of Reignette. The Doctor comes to find out that the clockwork creature was on the spaceship while it was damaged in a storm. They are maintenance androids, and did not have the parts necessary to repair the ship, and killed the crew to use their organs for parts to fix the ship. They believe one more very important part is required for the ship to be fully functional: Reinette’s brain.

The Doctor finding humor in even a life threatning situation.

The Doctor has discovered that the creatures are trying to open a time window into Reinette’s life when her brain will be compatible with the ship’s system. On an evening when the androids believe that Reignette’s brain is ready, the Doctor sees her through a mirror at a costume ball. The Doctor and his companions can see through it, but cannot pass through without smashing it, thus breaking the connection to the spaceship. The Doctor jumps through anyway, risking no return to the ship to save Reignette.

Smashing the mirror to save Reignette. Computerized, for sure, but look at that fine detailing on the walls.

He stops the robots by telling them they can never return to the spaceship, thus killing their motivation for their mission. The Doctor finds a way back to the ship through Reignette’s old fireplace, and promises her an adventure. Hopping back to the ship quickly to get it ready, he doesn’t realize when he goes back for her, 6 years have passed and Reignette has passed away. The TARDIS vanishes from the spaceship with the companions perplexed as to why the ship wanted the brain of Madame de Pompadour over anyone else’s to complete its repairs. The final camera shot pans out, revieling that the ship’s name is the SS Madame de Pompadour.

Dyffryn Gardens

This episode was filmed at Dyffryn Gardens is a collection of botanical gardens near the village of St Nicholas, set in the grounds of the nineteenth century Dyffryn House on an estate which dates back to 640AD.

The Doctor Who team arrived in a rather muddy Dyffryn Gardens in October 2005. David Tennant and guest star Sophia Myles (Reignette) acted out scenes for The Girl In The Fireplace in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in 18th century France, before traveling on to Alcester in Warwickshire.

The Doctor watching Reignette in the garden.

However, the Doctor Who team were back the following Monday for more work at Dyffryn Gardens, completing the scenes in the Castle Room where the Doctor commanded one of the clockwork droids to abort its attack on Reinette.

The scenes of Versailles were all filmed elsewhere, with Ragley Hall in Warwickshire standing in for the ballroom and Dyffryn Gardens standing in for the gardens at the palace.

The Doctor after saving Reignettes life. Gorgeous dress, necklace, and hair, yet again.

Thia was one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who. Maybe because of the romance? The classic 17th century France set? Either way, its a show worth giving a shot if you like sci-fi. Or quirky British men with a snappy wit and a sleek wardrobe. The last 5 seasons are available on Netflix! Happy watching!

‘On The Set’ Design: “Amelie”

If you haven’t seen this charming little French movie staring the fabulous Audrey Tautou, you are truly missing out. Set in Montmarte in 1997, (but released in 2001) this movie follows heroine Amelie Poulain throughout her quest to change lives for the better, and find true love. The soundtrack is mesmerizing, the colors of the set are bright and optimistic, and the story is heart warming. I’ve collected some of the best pictures from this movie to share with you the charm of “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.”

This was one of the fantastic movie posters for Amelie. The red wallpaper is so French boudoir. The design scheme is very eclectic, and doesn’t really follow one style. Although it does look a little French Country with the animal prints and the piggy lamp.

The scene that starts the fabulous destiny… She hears of the death of Princess Di, and drops a bottle cap in the bathroom, busting loose a tile and revealing a box of a past tenant’s childhood treasures that she felt needed to be returned… The yellows, creams, and antiques are commonly used in french cottage designs.

Another view of the bathroom, with side lights, and wall cabinets.

Peeking into the hall from the front door… I love the traditionsl-meets-gothic styled patterned wallpaper, and red wood stain colors. It’s a little busy  and dark for my personal taste, but looks amazing here in the movie. It makes the apartment cozy and warm.

Clearly, this is the kitchen. It’s absolutely charming with the checker tile work, beaded curtain and open shelving. Amelie is a simple and lovely girl that doesn’t need a lavish and high tech kitchen to be happy, just minimal design, and necessities. Clearly red and yellow were the strongest used colors in the movie, with splashes of green and blue thrown in there.

This here is a better view of her apartment. You can see the beaded curtain, red and green accents, and many small accessories.

This photo just goes to show how much red was used in this movie. The blue lamp was added by using computer graphics to give the scene a little more color.

In this scene, the lamp bids her good night, and then shuts itself off. If only our lamps in real life knew when we fell asleep and shut them self off… How nice would that be? I love the collection of antiques here. Very charming. Here you also get a better look at her red and gold wallpaper, and red chair rail.

I love the cute little windowsill of plants and herbs. It’s in a little corridor where she can see her neighbors, and they can see her. And of course, she has a cat.

This is the cute little fruit and vegetable stand where Amelie’s crooked neighbor works. A lot of color splashes were added by computer after the fact to brighten up the movie and scenery.

As you can see, the real market isn’t quite as magical without the touch of film and computer adjustments, but the film has made the owner’s business more successful.

This picture is of Amelie working in the Two Windmills Cafe. I love this scene, and it’s computer graphics. She tries to tell Nino that she’s the girl he’s looking for, and when she chickens out, she turns to a puddle of water and splashes onto the floor. And even though the Two Windmills was fictional, Café des deux Moulins was real. After the filming of the movie, the owner changed his mind about selling the Cafe.

The real Café des deux Moulins.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, from this amazing set, and can draw some inspiration from the French apartment, Cafe, and other scenes that make up this quirky Romantic Comedy. Thank you to anyone I nabbed photos from, they are too fantastic to keep in one place. Happy decorating!

‘On The Set’ Design: “Practical Magic”

Ask yourself this: what movie do you know all of the words to? One you can recite back and forth, and put on in the background while you are doing things around the house, because you don’t have to look at it to know what’s happening? What movie do you draw inspiration from? If you could live on the set of any movie… what would it be? For me, it’s always been Practical Magic.

Since it’s release in the fall of 1998 I always find myself popping that movie on when I want to feel at home. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Alice Hoffman. I do love the book far, far more than the movie, and the story is very different, but the movie has it’s charm as well. The east coast backdrop, the Victorian house, and small town feel make this my favorite movie to just watch in awe. The set was built on the grounds of a State park in Washington state, but takes place in New England.

The house had to be built to be tailored exactly for the movie, and some indoor scenes were filmed on a set in Los Angeles. The resulting structure stunned the author. “When I visited the set,” remembers Hoffman, “it wasn’t really like wandering into my own imagination; it was like wandering into another person’s interpretation of my imaginary world. I was thrilled that it was so beautifully rendered; it gave me a sense of drifting through this magical world, but it was all so real.”

Thanks to Designers Roman and Williams, Hoffman’s dreamworld of the Owen’s home became a reality.

Here are some stills from the set that made me fall in love with this movie. (Courtesy of Amas Veritas, the most amazing Practical Magic site.)


The side view of the amazing house. With the overgrowth of plants, it’s hard to believe that this whole set was built just prior to the filming of the movie, and hasn’t been there for years.

The front view of the set house. I love the all white painted exterior and detail work that went into making this house look authentically victorian.

The set at night, during a Halloween scene. Note the pumpkins on the stairs.

Here are some proposed house plans from Amas Veritas.

Prac Mag 1st Floor

The first floor (above)

Prac Mag 2nd Floor

The second floor (above). And YES I’m so obsessed that I’ve re-drawn these to scale, adding the Aunt’s room on the second floor.


The garden located on the side of the house. The set designers placed hundreds of fake plants around the garden, although they fooled me, they sure look real. Image from October 1998 Victoria Magazine.

The side garden that also shows the house.


The greenhouse is a huge part of the house, and holds more spell goodies.

Greenhouse 1

This is where Sally tells the Officer that magic is more than spells and potions. Image Cred.


Casting a midnight spell to never fall in love. Image Cred.

Here’s an angle of the inside of the greenhouse. I love the hurricane lanterns and candles.

…and another one.


entry way

Here you see the awesome dark wood paneling in the entry way. (image credit)


Here you can see the great spindles on the stairs, the oriental rug in the entry, and the dark wood. A little too dark for me, but fit for a Victorian house full of witches. Image Cred


This is the front parlor of the house, also the sitting room. It has many Victorian staples such as velvet drapes, thick, dark window trim, old solid wood and leather furniture, plant printed wallpaper, a fine detailed oriental rug, and tons of candles. (Photo courtesy of the October 1998 issue of Victoria Magazine)

Another view of the parlor, taken from the October 1998 issue of Victoria magazine.

I LOVE this leather chair.

This is an actual set shot of the parlor. You can tell by the fluorescent lighting and open ceiling.

Here’s my proposed plan for the parlor, based on the floor plans above:

Owens Parlor

Dining Room:

Sally Owens as a Girl

Here is a shot of the dining room. (image credit)

Gillian as a girl

Here is another one where you get a good idea of the wall paneling. (image credit)


This is the kitchen of my dreams. In school I found myself designing a lot of my kitchen projects after this one.

This kitchen just exudes vintage charm. From the fixtures, to the tile backsplash, to the dark stained/painted wood floors, to the old wood island.

Another view of the kitchen.

The seating area in the kitchen. Theres a very funny scene where the ladies of the cast get drunk off tequila at this table.


The perfect shot of the kitchen.

Kitchen shot Practical Magic

And an even better one of the cabinets while Sally activates the Phone Tree.

Kitchen Shot

A shot of the sun filled kitchen.

This shot of the kitchen reminds me of a little craftsman style house, even though it’s in a victorian house. I think it’s because of the windows, with all of their panes of glass.

A shot of the big oven in the “witch’s kitchen”. Perfect for brewing potions. I am in love with that stove, I’m guessing it’s an AGA. Only $18,000, what a deal! (note the sarcasm.)

Here’s my plan for the kitchen:

Owens Kitchen Plan

Sally’s Room:

This is a shot of Sally’s bedroom (played by Sandra Bullock.) I love the long flowing drapes, giant rug, fireplace, and leather side chair.

Sally's Bedroom

Here you’ll see the great fireplace. Oh, to have a fireplace in a bedroom.

Sally's Bedroom 2

And I MAY be seeing things, but I see a sofa in the bedroom too. Below you’ll see a floor plan I worked out based on the floor plans at the top.

Sally's Room

Here’s my plan for the bedroom:

Sally's Room Plan



Here’s a shot of the attic and the spiral staircase leading up to the Widow’s Walk. Just look at that hand painted chest!



I love the little pantry that holds all of the spell goods, dry goods, and the refrigerator. Image Cred

Pantry 2

Here you can see the stairs down to the kitchen through the pantry doors. Image Cred.

Sally’s Shop, Verbena:


Image via Hooked on Houses

A shot of “Sally’s” botanical shop called Verbena. (Wonder where I got the idea for my blog name…)

There you have it! That’s my favorite movie set of all time. I’m sure another one will come along in the future, but until then, I’ll just bask in the beauty of this (now torn down) set in Washington. Maybe someday I’ll visit the cute little town of Friday Harbor in Washington where the movie was filmed, and I can pretend the house still exists on the coast somewhere.

Happy movie watching!