Day 8: London to Paris

London Loft 3

Good Morning and Good Bye London!

Day 8 was here, the day I’d been looking forward to this whole trip. If Scotland was the appetizer, London was the main course, and Paris was the dessert. We packed our bags and readied ourselves for the train ride to Paris!

Super happy in the station, very happy on the train, and a little nervous on the train. The tunnel we were on went UNDER WATER. Yeah. So a little scary.  Once arriving at the train station, it was up to us to navigate our way to the loft, via another train. This train was small, HOT, and nothing like the crisp clean Underground in London. But we made it! And it was a short walk to the loft, thanks to some keen map skills via Reanna.

paris 15

The neighborhood we stayed in was just blocks from Paris art culture.

Paris Loft 2

The lovely and welcoming door knocker.

paris Loft 3

Only 5 more flights of stairs… no elevator. I for SURE got my workout on the trip.

Paris Loft 4

Paris Loft 5

Our cute little loft apartment! Sure there was no breeze on a 95 degree day on the 5th floor and we literally STUCK to the sheets but we were in PARIS.

paris 17 pizza

Adventure #1 after putting our bags down, dinner! We followed our noses to a pizza place on the Sienne called Mamalinas. I know, PIZZA in Paris?! It was so worth it!

Paris 1

paris 18

paris 4paris 3

We walked around the neighborhood to explore and wanted to go the Church where Owen Wilson gets picked up in Midnight in Paris. That was our destination for the evening!

paris 6Paris 5paris 7paris 11

The Louvre! That was a trip for another day.

Paris 12Paris 23

We wanted to tour the Pantheon but it was sadly closed. We took plenty of pics from the outside. The shade felt AMAZING. Who knew the heat of summer hits Paris in late August? Not us, the people from Wisconsin who never know what to expect, weather-wise.

Paris 8

paris 14

We made it! The church, St Etienne, in Paris, where Owen Wilson takes a ride to the past in a mystery car and meets his literary and artistic idols.

paris 13paris 14paris 16

The street where the car picks up “Gil”.  I swear I was just as interested in pop culture references in Paris as the food and architecture.

Paris 2paris 19

After deciding against the Catacombs for the evening due to exhaustion and the fact that they closed…. we hit up a local vendor for a Nutella Crepe and called it a night.

paris 21paris 20Paris 25

Dennis ventured out for some night photos while I got some much-needed sleep! Goodnight Paris, we haven’t been here yet a full day and I love you already!


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