Day 7: London

20160824_091728Day 7: London! In the voice of Joey Tribianni, “London Baby!” Today was the day the trip was planned in the first place, to go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theater! It was a WHOLE DAY event, but well worth the money and the entertainment. The play was a 2 part play, from 1:00-4:00, then intermission, then 7:00-10:00, and the tickets were about $200 each.

Before going to see the play, we went back to St. Paul’s Cathedral, since we missed their opening hours the day before.

Tube 1

On our way via the London Underground!

St_Pauls Gallery

Once inside, we learn about this room called “The Whispering Gallery” and let me tell you, IT WORKED. You’re supposed to be able to whisper along the wall and talk to someone straight across from you, and by golly science, it was awesome.

St Paul's 4

We did these self-guided tours (see awesome headphones to go with the tour.) We also decided to walk ALL THE WAY UP. It only fit a handful of people at a time, hence the photo bomber. But the view was amazing!

St Paul's 2

A view from the top!

St Paul's 6St Paul's 5St Paul's 3St Paul's 7

SO SO SO many stairs to the top!

Palace 5

Luckily for us, the Palace Theater was walking distance to our loft (that was on purpose) in the Soho Neighborhood. There were SO MANY people just walking around, and so many theaters in this neighborhood! The Palace was one of the oldest, and with amazing character. We had to wait in a line to check in, then a line to GET in.

Palace 3

Palace 7

Palace 4

I took a cheeseball selfie to send to a friend after I was asked if I had survived the earthquakes. Which were not even in London that day, but in Italy.

Palace 1

The theater! My seat was the third row from the front, on the wayyyyy end of the row. I crooked my neck over a 10 year old girl to see what was happening on the stage for the whole play but I don’t think she cared.


Intermission dinner across the street! It was pretty good! And we sat next to an Australian traveler and exchanged a few stories of our visit, which made the trip even better.


A photo I nabbed off of WIRED from the play. Front and center you see Harry, Ginny, and their son who just can NOT understand how he got into the Slytherin house. The acting was AMAZING, the special effects were just jaw-dropping, and it was hard to believe it was happening in front of your eyes. There were underwater scenes, dementors, rolling bookcases that ate people, fireplaces that sucked up wizards, and moving trains. I MEAN. Even if you don’t agree with the fan-fiction it was visually stunning.

Palace 2

The stage after the show, the only time they let us take photos were before, intermission, and after the play.

Palace 6

The sign reads” Palace Theater Stage Entrance. The world’s greatest artists have passed and will pass through these doors.” And this was where we waited after the play to see if an actor or two would come out.

London Loft 1

And at the end of the night, we travel back to the loft, and up the 5 flights of stairs to get some much needed rest.




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