Europe Day 6: London

Day 6 was considered “The day of 30,000 steps”. We walked and walked and walked… I’m really glad that I trained to run and worked out a LOT before this trip so I could have the endurance to do all this walking or I wouldn’t have lasted. We woke up and after being BEYOND happy I found a Whole Foods we went to grab some much-needed fuel and headed to a local park to sit, eat, and admire the statues.

My yellow grocery bag I brought from home because it rolled up into my purse. Not tacky at all. Nope.

The most adorable park. It had built in ping pong tables, come on. So cool. I ate my yogurt and granola on a park bench, Dennis took photos of statues and we headed back to the loft to drop off food, and continue our journey.

We saw a lot of these “BFG Dream Jars” all over London, turns out they were art installments that were then sold off for Children’s Charity.

Next, we walked through the Soho neighborhood to do a little shopping while Dennis “went to a museum”. Well, Reanna and I didn’t know he was going to the Brittish Museum to see the FREAKING Rosetta Stone and ancient Egyptian artifacts or I wouldn’t have gone souvenir shopping and went with him! But we found some fun fabric and had a good time regardless.

The most adorable fabric shop, the Cloth House.

Next stop was the National Gallery to see some art! If you want hundreds of oversized biblical paintings, this is THE place to go. I kid, they had hundreds of other non-biblical paintings too.

Art 4

A girl spin-dancing in a circle outside of the National Gallery.




The National Gallery very much fulfilled my childhood artist by being able to see some Van Gogh. IN REAL LIFE. Like the things you only see in books and slideshows and I got to see the globs of paint and brushstrokes and I was totally fangirling over this painter.

Pinch me, it’s the Sunflowers.

Other artists to be admired.

London 4London 2London 7

We then walked to St. Paul’s Cathedral as they were closing and agreed to come back the next day, since I wanted a church tour and thinking this was the church from the end of The Da Vinci Code (it was not) I wanted to see the inside.

St Paul's

A statue outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

London 9London 8

While we walked back across the bridge (the one that gets destroyed in Harry Potter, no big deal) we saw a street performer playing the song “Roxanne” OF ALL SONGS. I KNOW! We stopped to admire him and let him know he was playing to an actual Roxanne.

London 10

A very amusing bubble maker.

We were going to take the London Eye for a spin but the line was WAY too long for our comfort, and we were getting hangry, so we decided to walk back to Soho to find some dinner.

White Horse

We stopped at the White Horse for some fish and chips and organic fruit beer. I tell you what, it hit the spot! AND our day wasn’t even over.

White Horse 4

A street view from the second floor of the White Horse.

White Horse 3


White Horse 2

After dinner, since my legs weren’t begging me into a submissive state, we wandered into a Whisky bar that Dennis had found on a travel app. This is how he found all the best espresso in Europe! This little gem was called Milroy’s of London, and they were the most fun! There was a secret basement bar called “The Vault” that was located behind a freaking BOOKCASE. No Joke. Go there. You’re welcome.

Milroy's 2

Whisky for DAYS.

Milroy's 1

A light behind the bookcase…

London Milroy's

Milroy's 3

Secret Bar Entrance!

And that’s a wrap on Day 6! We went back to the loft, up 5 flights of stairs, adding another 300 or so steps onto my 30,480 and I was off to sleep REAL quick.


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