Europe Day 5: Edinburgh – London

Where were we?! I have 6 more days of this trip left to blog about! We woke up at our loft in Edinburgh and our lovely hosts made us breakfast and offered to drive us to the train station.

A view from the loft window into the backyard.

We waited for our train, got some stickers at the Paperchase store (love) and were on our way to London! Once in London we arrived at the train station and took the Underground to our destination off of Picadilly Circle.


Kings Cross Station!

Kings 4

Of COURSE, we went to the Platform 9 3/4! Which is actually not located ON the train platform, but in the atrium of the train station, by the Harry Potter gift store.

I made my travel partners climb THOSE stairs up from the London Underground. I was feeling ambitious! We walked to our loft, on the top of the 5th floor of a building in Soho, above a small convenient store, dropped off our things, changed, and went walking around!


The back of the loft had an amazing view!

London 2

London 1

London 8

London 16

London Loft 2

This was the view out of the window of my loft bedroom. I mean COME ON. Love.

London Loft 1

London 15

With a special social network connection my travel partner had, we were able to locate a super secret underground bar called “Cahoots” located in an old subway station. It was like walking into a time machine, the cocktail servers were all dressed like it was the 1940’s, and the drinks were all old timey, served in super cute cups.

Cahoots 1

The drink menu looked like an old newspaper.


Cahoots 3Cahoots 2London Cahoots 2

My drink came in this cup!

Next, we went back to the loft, changed again, and went for dinner and a walk by the Parlament.

London 4London 11

Taking a photo of this lovely curved street!

London 14

The lovely curved street!

London 6

London 7

London 13


We found the Sherlock Holmes bar! Not the museum, not 22b Baker Street (which was WAY across town) but they had a mini-museum and some great beers on tap.

Sherlock 2

Yalla Yalla 2

We had dinner at Yalla Yalla, a Burmese restaurant in Soho, and the food was amazing.

While walking around the Parliment, and looking into the great, many carvings, I touched the building and had a moment. This wasn’t a photo or a video that someone was showing me, this was real. This was a real life building, and I was here in London! So I gave the building a hug, which made me happy.

Snog 2

We ended our night with Frozen Yogurt at “Snog” which was on the same street as our loft and climbed the 5 flights of stairs to our room for much needed sleep.

Snog 4

Next, more of London!


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