Should-a, Could-a, Would-a, 60 Day Experiment

We all have our should-a could-a would-a’s. I should drink more water. I should take more vitamins, get better sleep, wash my face more often, eat better, spend less money. I should keep in touch with my friends and family. If I only worked out more I could be in better shape. I could have saved more money if I didn’t buy this and that. Can it make you happier? Well, friends, I’m going to embark upon a should-a could-a would-a

Can it make you happier? Well, friends, I’m going to embark upon a should-a could-a would-a 60 day experiment and document my progress, trials, and successes. I’m going to do all of the things that I tell myself ALL OF THE TIME that I should do more of.


barney meme

Now that I have some time in my schedule to do what I want, when I want (other than the craft fair schedule, that one isn’t adjustable), I’m going to do the things I always tell myself I “should” do and do them. A lot of these things just means incorporating healthy habits into my daily life. Things I’ve shoved to the wayside that I should get back. They say it only takes 21 days to form a habit. Let’s see about that.

My “should” list that I will do for the next 60 days:

  • Drink more water. (Some days I realize I didn’t drink ANY water. That’s bad!)
  • Drink more green tea / tea in general.
  • Take a vitamin / vitamins every day.
  • Work out 5 days a week / get healthier and feel better.
  • Use the Spin bike I got off of Craigslist.
  • Read the piles of books I have sitting around.
  • Meditate / Do some cognitive behavioral therapy to better my self-esteem.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep.
  • Wash my face at night with the expensive anti-aging face wash I bought and use the even more expensive night creams. I bought them and I barely use them. I lazily use those wet wipes for your face and then fall into bed.
  • Save money and not spend it on silly things.
  • Organize the bins and bins of things I’ve kept forever in the basement.
  • Eat less meat.
  • Eat more greens / fruits and veggies.
  • Eat out less, cook at home more.

And how will I accomplish such feats? How will I stay on track?!

Ok, here’s how.

  • I’ll start a blank book / journal to keep a checklist of the things I want to do and make sure I check them off throughout the day. Smartphones have alarms for a reason. To remind you to do things. And they have apps you can download that help with almost all of the things I wanted to do.
  • Go to the vitamin store and get 60 days of some awesome all natural multi vitamin. And maybe some vegetarian protein powder for my post workout shakes.
  • I will pre-fill water bottles in the morning and make sure I drink them throughout the day with either timers or times of the day taped to the bottles. I will set out the Green Tea packet in a mug ready to be filled with water in the mornings.
  • I will set alarms to get up in the morning to work out and sleep in my workout clothes if I have to. I will come up with a routine to stick to and post a dry erase board on the wall of the workout room with a calendar drawn on it to stay motivated. I have the P90X DVD set, weights, yoga mats, a spin bike, rubber band thing-ys… what am I waiting for?! Oh, I know, I need direction. I don’t just want to go at this whole workout willy-nilly and make up a routine. I’ll find one online or ask a personal trainer friend to help me out. It’s time to end the excuses! (Did anyone else just picture Susan Powers screaming “Stop the Insanity!)
  • Spending less: If something is not detrimental to my survival, it will not be purchased. Sorry friends that want to go out to eat! Sorry new nail polish! Sorry Target clearance sweater, I know you’re only $5.99 but no! Not for the next 60 days… Sounds boring, I know. To help I’ll even make a sleeve for my Debit card that says something like “Will you literally DIE if you don’t buy this?” on it. The only thing I can answer yes to is food.
  • Make a “once a week” goal for something around the house I want to get done. Donate things to Goodwill, clean certain rooms, paint other rooms… And put those goals into my calendar app!
  • Watch less TV at night and pick up the books I have laying around and read them at night. Maybe during breakfast and lunch too instead of browsing Pinterest.
  • Do daily affirmations. No, not like Stuart Smalley. Like, look up ways to raise self-esteem and follow the experiments. Make lists of things I love about myself, banish bad thoughts, and use the app I downloaded for that, Happify.
  • Eating out less and at home more will be easy when I go grocery shopping for some great food that will help me stay on my healthy eating schedule when I work out 5 x a week! Also, if I want to go out to eat because I’m too lazy to cook, that’s what the organic microwave burritos from Costco are for. Ten of them in a box for $11, it’s literally just over a dollar a burrito. I can manage that.

Ok, so you probably wonder why I’m spilling my goals into my blog. It’s because once I post this, It’s PUBLIC. Others know about it! That keeps me motivated. Knowing I told someone I was going to do something makes me feel more obligated to do it. So here goes! Starting September 1st and for 60 days after. I’ll also log my progress with all of this and let you know how it’s changed my mentality / mood / body. Wish me luck!


This experiment went awesome! It only takes 21 days to form a habit and I formed some awesome ones. I lost almost 30 lbs in the course of 7 months with a healthy diet, and exercise routine. I started taking a vitamin and finally started growing fingernails that didn’t break. I read a TON of self-help books (including You are a Badass, and followed all instructions in said book) and it took almost a year but I got out of an unhealthy relationship, started to love myself and got into a good relationship. Make a list, do the things. It’s never too late to become who you want to be!



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