On the Set Design : Because I Said So – Milly’s Loft

So I realize that all of these posts I do on movie houses and apartments don’t have to do with living frugal and fun and simple. But I’m an Interior Designer, and I LOVE movie sets that move me. I will watch a bad movie over and over if the houses are beautiful. True story. So every now and then I’ll do a post on set design, and that’s that. It makes me happy. This one will be about the industrial, colorful loft in Milly’s Loft in “Because I Said So.” The movie with the bossy mom played by Diane Keaton and her 3 daughters (Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo.) Milly lives alone in a loft in LA that I’m thinking would be too expensive for someone running a catering company, but she makes it work.

Entry Way

Milly's Lockers

There aren’t many shots of the entry out there. I will have to take some more screen shots to get better ones. I love the vintage lockers, that must be her closet, since I didn’t see a closet in her bedroom.

 You get a good idea of her entry hall in this scene where Milly is shooing her mom out the back door.

Living Room

Living Room 2

Upon entering the loft and looking left, you see the large living room, with brick walls, a burgundy velvet chesterfield sofa, and bright bohemian accents.

living room 4

Here’s another shot of the living room.

Living Room 3

Here you see Milly and her mom Daphne (Diane Keaton) re-arranging the living room.

Living Room


Kitchen 2

I LOVE the chalkboard fridge. What a great idea for a Chef, and most other people that need reminders.



Here you see a LOT of open shelving. I wish I had this because then I would never have to dig for anything. And a commercial grade dishwashing sprayer? That would make cleaning easier.

kitchen 5

Behind Milly you see her taste in dishes, her fiesta wear and her warm, orange walls.

kitchen 4

That island! It’s so grand. Her cooktop and sink are both in there.

kitchen 6

This is a great shot of half of the loft. You can see all of the vintage and retro colors that Milly likes so much.

milly kitchen  dining

You can see the formal dining table back behind Milly, and the door to her bedroom. I bet she has some killer dinner parties!

Milly dining area

Here’s a shot of the dining area.

kitchen 3

Behind Milly and her mother you can see a cute vintage little seating area for coffee and breakfast. And here’s that area:



There’s only one shot of the bedroom in the whole movie:


Here’s my plan for Milly’s apartment:

  floor plan Milly's Loft

Image Credits, thanks to Hooked On Houses, Reflections from a Coffee Mug, Deliciously Noted, for already having great screen shots of this amazing movie set! Happy Movie Watching!


2 thoughts on “On the Set Design : Because I Said So – Milly’s Loft

  1. I love this home design. It’s beautiful!
    I thought I was the only one in the world that could watch a bad movie over and over if it had a beautiful home on it. My kids think I’m nuts for doing this.
    Great design work! Keep up the wonderful work.

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