The Greens, The Garden, The Greenhouse

After much talk and deliberation on what to do with our adult hoods, my fiancée  has decided to become a professional gardener. He switched careers from a professional chef, to wanting to grow the food that people cook. We talked about it and now is the time for him to follow his dreams of gardening, growing, and selling his produce to the local restaurants to help them buy, and cook local foods. It’s his way of giving back, and motivating people to know what they are eating, and eat healthy. He’s a forager, a grower, and a mad scientist of dirt.

greens 2

Matt has been growing the micro greens indoors all winter. He plans to move them into a greenhouse in our back yard. He and a business partner grow micro greens and deliver them to local restaurants that they use to garnish fancy dishes. The wheat-grass is delivered to a local health food restaurant, which they juice for customers to drink in smoothies, or as a shot.

greens 1

Watering the garden.

greens 3

When I visit him at the indoor garden, I get bored sometimes because gardening isn’t really my thing.

greenhouse 1

We borrowed two of these storage hoop house frames from his family to put up in the yard. He ordered thick clear plastic to put over the tops, and a shade cloth for hot days. Matt and his friends then added grommets to the plastic to tie it to the greenhouse along the bottom with cable ties, and has left one side only attached to the greenhouse with bungee cords so he can roll it up when it gets too hot outside. He plans to rototiller the yard on the left of the greenhouse to plant in the ground.

Greenhouse 2

The greenhouse is up and running! The seed starters he started indoors under artificial light will be brought out here, and then put in the ground when they are ready. He’s started tomatoes, kale, spinach, and other great veggies. He’s got a few space heaters and fans in the greenhouse, and plans to move all of the indoor greens out here too. One location for everything will make his job easier!

Next: foraging for wild ramps and morels!


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