My Name is Roxanne, and I am a Francophile

a person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French

It has come to my attention over the years that I have a slight obsession with the French culture. Some of my favorite movies are Amelie, Midnight in Paris, and A Good Year. I loved Ratatouille, (the film about the mouse chef in Paris), so much so that I own the movie and soundtrack. I listen to French Jazz stations on Spotify all the time, and even took French in High School, remembering very little after 15+ years.

As a women who has to dress herself, I’m drawn to the simple French Street Style of jeans, flats, and a plain T-Shirt. Half of my wardrobe is Black because it goes with everything, and my favorite accessory is my gold necklace with two little feathers, one gold and one ivory.

French Wardrobe

This pretty much IS my closet.  This collection was inspired by Parisian Street Styles. It’s all about comfort, and timeless simplicity. These women do a LOT of walking, so shoes need to be comfortable.

Now as an Interior Designer, I realize I am always drawn to French design, the look and feel of a countryside Chateau, and dream of visiting Paris and the southern French lavender fields. What about this culture is so exciting to someone from Wisconsin, that doesn’t even have a passport?


It’s the feeling you get when you imagine bundles of dried lavender, ratty wicker baskets filled with striped linens, wooden chairs on a stone patio surrounded by friends, fresh foods, and bottles of wine.

flea markets

I would be in heaven, and bankruptcy if I went to these French Flea Markets. I try to re-create these looks here, with trips to the Antique store, craft fairs, and thrift shops. The best part about the French look, it’s not brand new, and that look can save you money!

French Window View

Every photo of Parisian apartments I find look like this. Wood floors, iron rails on the windows, wood, shutters, views of vintage apartments, and or / the Eiffel Tower.

My favorite French Blogs:

Manger Kitchen

This photo is from Mimi Thorisson, the blog writer and owner for Manger. A blog about cooking, french food, and family. I’m in love with her kitchen, and her photographs of food!

Chateau De gougans

This photo is from Chateau de Gudanes, and the Australian couple that bought the 17th century French chateau and have slowly been remodeling. I have dreams of doing this someday.

And then there’s the architecture! France is much older than the United States, and the architecture has been around much longer, and is much more detailed.

Architecture of Paris

Clockwise: Paris Opera House, Elysee Palace, Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum.

So of course I’ve romanticized my love of France, and Paris, but I think that’s ok. I live in Wisconsin, and dreaming of a vacation to another country is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Where would you go if you could choose anywhere in the world?


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