On the Set Design: Jamie’s Apartment in Friends With Benefits

In the 2011 movie “Friends with Benefits,” Mila Kunis’s character Jamie and Justin Timberlake’s character Dylan meet, become friends, then more, hence the title of the movie. And in true Hollywood form, there’s conflict between them only because of their underlying feelings for each other that they are suppressing due to past hurts, they argue, they work it out, they fall in love, the end! (Did I spoil anything that wasn’t implied?) The movie was way better then it’s twin, “No Strings” staring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It was pretty much the same movie as FWB with half the wit and none of the realistic emotions. One of my favorite parts of FWB is Jamie’s apartment.

It’s a vintage, eclectic, and antique filled, super huge Manhattan apartment is full of spring colors, tons and tons and tons of lamps, and long flowing drapes. I’m in love.


Entry 1

When Jamie opens the door, you see a great detailed mirror behind her, and a reflection of a wall sconce.

Entry 2

I love the vintage looking (or Chalk Painted?) cabinet behind the door. There is no shortage of wall scones here.

Entry 3

Behind Jamie and Dylan you see an awesome vintage framed Cuba poster, and Ikea floating shelves full of books and knick knacks. To the left is the entry door.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 67

This photo from Cindy Coburn shows a more professional shot of the entry. I don’t know who needs 2 desks, but Jamie must be a pretty busy person.

Living Room

Living Room 1

The living room is huge. And count the lamps: 5 lamps and 3 wall sconces. I’d hate to see her electric bill.

Living Room 2

In this shot you see the entry to a gorgeous brick patio to the left, and the kitchen to the right. And yes that window goes to the kitchen.

Living Room 4

There are so many pieces of vintage furniture here. I love the light green painted table on the left of the bench, and the wall and trim colors.

Living Room 5

Here you can see how she moved the TV to watch a movie from the sofa. It must be on a rolling cart. You can also see the window to the kitchen here better, and it looks like tile work on the kitchen floor.

Living Room 6

Here you can see the shutters on the windows, the long floor to ceiling drapes, and the spilled popcorn.

Living Room 7

Everything looks second hand, from the bamboo coffee table, the green ceramic lamps, the green painted cabinet in the background, and the one cushion, blue velvet sofa.

Living Room 8

I love the color scheme, the honey brown candles, the knit throw blanket.

Living Room 9

I love the light green chair behind her mom, and the tall glass door hutch in the corner. I can’t decide if there are too many window treatments here. Drapes, shutters, and matchstick blinds.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 02

In this professional photo the room is tidy, and well lit. You can see the parquet floors, the design on the rug, and a basket of blankets by the fireplace.

Jamie Living Room

Here’s my assumed plan for the living room based on watching the movie and seeing screen shots.


Kitchen 1

This kitchen is small, but has all of the room it needs. I don’t think I would want to see the toilet from my kitchen (in design school, it was a faux pas.)

Kitchen 2

A close up.

Kitchen 3

From this shot you can tell the kitchen has a cut out into a hall behind it, that you rarely see, except from Jamie’s bedroom. There is also a door onto the patio from the kitchen, which I think is valuable kitchen space that could have been used, and the door to the patio could have been in the living room.


Bedroom 1

In the first scene where you see the bedroom (and more) you aren’t really looking at the bedroom, for obvious reasons. But upon closer inspection, you see more floor to ceiling drapes, in a dark peacock green/blue, more tiny shaded wall sconces, and a view right out to the patio and through to the living room.

Bedroom 3

Here’s a closer shot of the adorable gold vintage headboard and the poster above the bed. “It Happened One Night” is an amazing movie, if you haven’t seen it, DO!

Bedroom 2

In this shot you see the door into the bedroom on the right, and the bathroom on the left. Out of the door you can see down the hallway that you don’t otherwise see.

Bedroom 4

Here you can see out onto the patio from the bedroom.


Is ANYONE ELSE obsessed with finding this robe?

Bathroom 1

Here’s a closer shot of the bathroom. It’s clear where the toilet is here.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 27

Here’s a set photo of the bedroom from the patio. You can see the tufted bench at the end of the bed.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 12

In this shot you see the whole closet.

And because this is what I do (Interior Design), I see movies and think of floor plans. This is my assumed plan for her bedroom.

Jamie Bedroom FWB

And after much (oddly obsessive) movie watching, here’s my assumed apartment plan:

Jamie's Apartment

What movies inspire you? Happy viewing!


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