I’m Slowly Entering the Comfort of My 30’s…

You know how you can see someone every day, and not notice that they are loosing weight/ growing their hair out/ having a baby/ doing something else that takes a long time but you suddenly notice it at once? That’s what my transition from 20’s to my 30’s has become. I didn’t notice my tastes changing until one day it hit me. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I still feel youthful, and healthy, but darn it, (yes it’s phrases like that, that tell me,) I’m not a kid anymore.

Here are some things that tipped me off. 

  • When I go to the thrift stores I no longer look for graphic tees, I look for over sized cardigans and blazers.
  • When I get in the car, I flip through all of the radio stations, and land on NPR.
  • Sometimes I fall asleep to the TV at night, and voluntarily watch documentaries on things like “What Happened to the Mayans” and “History Behind the Free Masons”.
  • When I drink tea, I don’t like to use any sugar or sweetener. I get grossed out when I use too much, and when I was in High School and drank bottomless cups of coffee with friends, I did a 5 count of pouring the sugar into my cup and it still wasn’t enough.

Kid collage

Before gray hair was an issue. 

  • I sometimes think music is too loud. I never used to think that. I’ve been to so many concerts I now hear ringing in a quiet room. I never complained about loud.
  • I say stuff like “kids these days…” And I mean it.
  • I also say stuff like “When I was a kid… we didn’t HAVE the INTERNET.”
  • I’ve been to 3 doctor appointments this month for routine check ups and they all asked me how often I work out. Which I replied “Uhhhh…” Very Tina like from Bob’s Burgers. Ok Doctors I get it. I need to work out more. I also feel SUPER sore after one day of physical activity. Or a heavy day of cleaning.
  • I have gray hairs. Ok, like 2 but they are THERE. Watching me. Waiting for the right time to send the rest of the troops. I also have some fine lines. Which I am totally fighting with every bottle of moisturizer I own.

Teen and 20's college

My teens and early 20’s. And I didn’t have a cell phone till I was 21.

  • I CAN NOT handle hangovers. I have like 3 glasses of wine and I’m practically still drunk the next day, and I’m hungover the next 2 days. I used to be able to drink a few cocktails, and wake up refreshed after a glass of water and some breakfast but now, it’s like I’ve started my tolerance all over again.
  • I don’t want babies but I want more cats. And sometimes babies.
  • I NEED sleep. Not like 6 hours, but at least 8 to feel good about waking up and even then I’m wondering why I have a day job that requires me anywhere before 10 am. I used to be able to pull off 3 hours of sleep then go to work for 8 hours, then school for 4 and I was JUST FINE. Darn it all.

adult collage

Adult me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never lose your child like outlook on life.

  • I want to go to bed before midnight. Heck, before 11. Put a fork in me Jerry, I’m done.
  • I can not eat anything unhealthy without reaping the consequences. My body will not tolerate it. I actually voluntarily choose to eat organic, limiting meat and fried foods, and cutting out ALL the bad stuff because it just makes me feel better.
  • And the end all-be all to knowing I’ve gotten older, and like it? I enjoy not wearing makeup, or jewelry, and just putting on jeans and a t-shirt, some loafers, and going to the grocery store on a Saturday night, then cooking dinner while listening to some good ol’ Jazz music.


Happy aging!


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