Happy New Year!

Last night we all celebrated the welcoming of 2015. Weather it was with friends, family, or sound asleep, 2015 came at us like an old friend, one we knew was coming to town and couldn’t wait to see. The new year is filled with resolutions, “I will” and “I’ll try to”. It’s all about baby steps.

 Do it Now

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I’ll be making some of the same resolutions, but I will also try even harder to stick to them. Now that I’m embarking upon my 30’s, and noticing changes in my body, my hair, and my immune system, I have more of a reason to try harder.

10 Resolutions:

1. Eat cleaner. Cut out added sugar and sweets completely, (except on special occasions), and make conscious choices to eat better when I’m eating out. Just because I’m eating at a restaurant doesn’t mean calories aren’t there. Drink less coffee, drink more tea. Drink more water. Eat more greens. (Hey, that kinda rhymes.)

2. Call my family more. They live far away, and I only see them once or twice a year. I should make an effort to keep the ties strong. My brother’s girlfriend is about to have baby #2, and I can’t wait.

3. Pay off some of that debt floating in the universe. I got a job that I went to college for, time to pay off those loans for the education that got me here.

4. Build my self esteem. Too often I find myself comparing myself to others and putting others (in my mind) down when I feel insecure. That needs to stop. Stop judging others and myself too. We are all human and made to be imperfect. Focus on what makes ME great and I won’t have the need to feel insecure.

5. Work towards my goals of owning my own business / boutique. It’s what I want to do with my life, I should be taking more steps to get there.

6. Travel. Get my Passport. Go somewhere awesome on my Honeymoon. Try to leave the country once in my life.

7. Be the best partner to my future husband I can be. I already do my best on a regular basis, and I don’t ever want that to stop. I want a crazy, funny, passionate and dedicated love that lasts as long as I do, and that takes work. Work I am willing to put in.

8. Finish my autobiography. Even if it doesn’t get published, my future children will have something to remember me by.

9. Build my Etsy store. I just look at piles of fabric and zippers and belts waiting to be made into something and I haven’t done anything with them yet. I should just do it.

10. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier. Do Yoga. Meditate. Take more time to breathe and less time watching Netflix.

CS Lewis

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 So there are some of the things I want to do in 2015. How about you? What are your goals? Have you ever made a resolution that you’ve kept?

Happy New Year!


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