Saving Money in the Morning

If you’re making a new year’s resolution to save money, why not start in the morning? Spending money first thing is not only a bad habit to get into, but an easy habit to break with the right materials. I’ve done similar articles on how I easily save $8000 a year by making small changes, and this is one of them.

Coffee / Espresso: 

If you love coffee in the morning, invest a little in your favorite brand, and save yourself some money. I love the coffee maker we got for only $35, (You can buy a one cup espresso maker at Target for the same price.) We also got 2 of the Aladdin mugs that are microwaveable AND fit into my bike beverage carrier, and I got a mug warmer for my desk. We buy 2 lbs of coffee beans at around $18 a bag at Costco every couple of weeks. (Mind you the fiancee drinks about 6-8 cups a DAY, every day, so we brew a lot of coffee.)

Price for maker, ($25) beans, (if we buy coffee every three weeks, that’s 17 two pound bags at $11 each which is $187), two Coffee Mugs ($18) in one year: $230 a year.
Extras include Soy Creamer and Organic Sugar. I also buy a bottle of flavor syrup that lasts me about a year since I don’t use it every day. Cost there: Sugar $10 for large bag at Costco, Creamer $51 a year ($3 each and buy one every 3 weeks or so). Total: $61 a year.

At home coffee a year for 2 people: $357.50, ($178.75 per person)

Compare that to take out coffee for one person,  5 days a week, 52 weeks a year at an average of $4 a piece: $1033.

That’s a savings of $868 a year! Think of what you can get with that money…


xmas coffee


1. Aladdin Mug from Amazon,  2. Mr. Coffee Maker (12 cup, programmable for only $24), 3. Torani Syrup in Caramel, if you want to jazz things up a little bit. This one is from the World Market for $8, 4. Organic Valley Soy Creamer, 5. my Anthropologie Mug,  6. Organic Sugar that we get from Costco. AND if you’re really feeling funky, add some cinnamon, heat and froth the milk before adding it to your drink with this IKEA frother for only $6. 8. I also have a coffee cup desk warmer ($10) to save me some trips to the microwave.

What do you like to have in the morning to get energized? Green Tea? Chai? Or even a nice cup of Earl Gray? Or maybe you don’t drink anything but juice with your breakfast.

Just think of all of the paper cups and sleeves you’ll save by making your own drinks at home. So if you’re a coffee and espresso drinker, Happy Saving!


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