Christmas Gift DIY Roundup

It’s that time again… where I try not to spend too much money on the people I want to spend money on because I’m saving for a wedding in (gasp!) less than 6 months. What’s a DIY minded girl to do? Make presents of course! How can you get away with spending little money while making quality gifts people will love? Here’s what I did last year. (Now that the gifts are out, there are no spoilers to be had.)

DIY Note Board:

memo board

I made one of these for my fiancée’s grandfather, and he uses it daily for important phone numbers and contacts. It was SO easy! I also spent 0$ since I had everything at home. See a tutorial here.

Craft Tool Box:


I got this exact toolbox from Menards for $6 and filled it with crafting goods for the fiancée’s 15 year old sister. I filled it with glue, pink duct tape, little jelly jars of buttons and beads, needle and thread, and also spent $0 on the supplies because I have a surplus. When I was 15, I would have loved that. I was also a crafting machine.


Birch candle

While helping clean the fiancée’s grandparent’s basement, I was told to get rid of clutter by taking things and donating them. I took a box of old half melted candles, some jars and old drinking glasses, and decided to re-melt them and make them into new candles into the glasses. I bought wicks from the craft store ($5) and remelted and made candles, and then took some birch that was cut from their yard and wrapped it, and gave it to his grandfather, and brother for Christmas. Ironic thing is, I took things he wanted to get rid of, and gave it back to him for Christmas.

Date Night:

date envelopes

For Matt I made special date night envelopes for each month of the year. He got to April and I think he lost them (men…) I put a lot of time into it, and I know the sentiment was at least appreciated. Image link here.

For some other family members, I sewed blankets and stuffed animals for small kids and babies, (check out my DIY Kids and Babies board on Pinterest for ideas) painted some figurines I had left from other Christmas projects and gave those away as gifts, and spent a small amount of money on things like a new SD card for a tablet and some LED light bulbs. AND there’s always baking!

What do you DIY for the Holidays? Happy Holidays!


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