Easy DIY: Headphone Roll Up

I don’t know if you’re like me, and carry headphones with you everywhere. You don’t know when you’ll be in the store, and there are screaming kids and loud noises, and would love to just listen to your music instead of the sweet jams of the department store speakers. But the problem is, my purse knows how to make 75 Navy grade knots out of my headphones and every time I want to use them, I spend a solid 5 minutes un-tangling them. So I came up with a solution… Yes, you can use a rubber band for this too, but this way saves you so much time!


Here’s what I used: A bit of leather and a snap!


This cute little piece of leather is only 3″ long, and all I did was add a snap to it.


I give my headphones a little roll up…


…flip one side over…


…and snap it shut! It’s that easy. And my headphones fit into my purse, no fuss, and have never gotten tangled since. I know this craft isn’t DIY for everyone, you need the materials. But how about velcro? A hair elastic? The possibilities are out there! Happy organizing!


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