DIY Chicken Wire Picture Frame

DIY this display picture frame in an afternoon!

Chicken wire display frame

This project literally cost me $0 and came about when the fiancée offered me a scrap of chicken wire, or it was going in the trash. I had saved a picture frame from my Dad’s old thrift store and planned to one day make it into a chalkboard. But hey, chicken wire works too!

Chicken Wire and frame before and after

Here’s the old frame

Chicken wire for frame

And the chicken wire.

Black satin paint for frame project

I love this paint. I painted my kitchen cabinets with this paint. (It’s from True Value hardware store.) So durable!

Stapling the chicken wire to frame

I used a staple gun to staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame. The chicken wire was the same size, there was one side I cut a little off of with some tin snips.

Hanging wire

I moved the eyelet screws from the long across the frame to the short way.

Chicken wire display frame

Hang it up and you’re ready to go! All you need is some clothespins!

Display frame

You can display anything for sale in a frame like this, or you can display projects and ideas too.

Chicken wire in frame after!

It’s a great way to get inspired with fabrics, colors, and pictures.

Chicken wire frame

I love it! Especially for a free little project I did in an hour!

Chicken wire frame project

Play around with the items you want to hang till you find what works for you.

Display cards in a picture frame with wire

Display projects in a wire frame

Display anything in a Chicken wire Frame

Happy DIY!


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