My First Craft Fair: Part 2

Now that the dust has settled from my first craft market, I can say that it was a success! I learned a LOT. From how to use the Square reader, adding proper tax (NOT .055%  but 5.5 %), how to merchandise a tent, and how to best make your items appealing. The other venders were really curious about how well I did financially, and I just told them that I broke even, all of the money that I spent on the market rental fee, the new sewing machine I bought, the fabrics and materials, I made all of that money back and from this point on everything is profit, and they told me that was a really good thing. I was told some amazing compliments, like how unique my items were, how some people thought my tent was the best at the fair, and how cute and well crafted everything was.

craft booth instagram

I found a Living Social deal from and got my 3×6 banner for just $18!

craft booth 6

My fiancée made the branch display with hooks to hang the larger bags off of. We got the branch in his parent’s woods.

craft booth leather display 2

We got the idea for these branch displays from Pinterest too, and he was able to make them for me. He just loves an excuse to use the hole saw.

craft booth 9

I made price signs for bulk items in picture frames from the Dollar Store.

craft booth 11

I found some great display pieces in the alley up the street.

crazy tshirt

We saw some interesting characters, and pet a lot of puppies.

chickens at the booth

I made rice pack chickens for door stoppers or kids toys. They were a good attention grabber!

whales at the booth

The whales were a hit too. I sold more to adults than to children.

craft booth branch

It was fun to see my creations on display to let people look at. Months of hard work was finally paying off. If you are a crafter and love to be creative I totally recommend doing a craft market. Everything that didn’t sell will be on my Etsy store in the next few weeks.

Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “My First Craft Fair: Part 2

  1. Your booth looks awesome!! I definitely want to try doing a craft fair at some point. It sounds super fun. Also..this has convinced me that my boyfriend and I need to attempt doing more cons too.

  2. Congratulations, young lady❗️

    I hope you have support in helping you with most tasks; it’s so important to have someone to lean on at times.

    God Blesses you each day…Minute and hour.

    Victoria E. Gross 📷 “Get The Main Picture”


  3. Great job … love craft fairs! We are getting stuff together for on in November. People don’t realize how much time it really takes.

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