Road Trip Map: Elizabethtown Style

So the fiancee and I are planning a road trip to the west coast this summer to celebrate being young, and engaged. We want to do a total west coast camping and driving and biking excursion, using flier miles and bringing a tent and just playing everything by ear. But me, I can’t play everything by ear! I’m a total control freak. I need to plan some things. I plan on planning things. Haha. Where are the gas stations? Where will we sleep? And most importantly, where will we eat? I will surely be doing a TON of research ahead of time, and putting it somewhere I would like to resemble the awesome road trip map Claire made in Elizabethtown for Drew (Orlando Bloom.) This movie isn’t that good. Minus the soundtrack and the eye candy, there’s not much good here. I’ve already blogged about this, I’m sure. But this book is inspiring! She also must have stayed up like a robot for days straight to make it, there’s not enough time in the, like 3 days, she knows this guy to make this EPIC map, er, binder of awesomeness.

road map


  • Binder
  • Tons of paper. In many colors.
  • Printed maps, or actual purchased maps
  • Tape (washi, scotch, double sided, or anything you desire)
  • Binder page clear sleeves
  • Thick cardstock
  • Post it notes
  • Elmer’s glue, gluesticks, mod podge, adhesives.
  • CD sleeve pages and blank CD’s.
  • A computer with a CD burner, and printer.
  • Polaroid Camera.
  • Instant camera and point and shoot camera for the trip.
  • Every brochure and business card, stickers, bumper stickers, placemats, you can get your hands on.
  • Wine. Lots of wine.

elizabethtown 1

 Claire and her planning. Glue stick and magazines and brochures galore . Image cred.

claire living room

Where is that cat? You know cats love crafts. And if she is sitting on the floor, the cat would be ON HER.


Intro to book with lots of maps.

Eliz Map

He starts in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and ends in Oregon, his home state.


Here’s Drew’s first look into the book. I’m sure it’s a little overwhelming since Claire has timed every second of his day.


Here’s a sample of the book. Where did she get all those postcards on such short notice? My book will have to have blank pages to fill as the trip goes on. You should have a passenger to read the directions to you. It must be hard to drive and read this novel at the same time.


A true testament to the sharpie. She lists the music she picks for him. All 42 hours worth!


More music and pull out brochures. Then again, Claire IS a flight attendant. Maybe she collected all of those brochures on the job?

elizabeth map

Full of brick-a-brack, she also owns a Polaroid.

map shot

Claire also randomly has a map of where Drew is going! That’s convenient. This site has pics of ALL the map shots. I don’t want to steal them all, so I took some of my own.


The book includes highlighted maps that pull out everywhere. In this scene Drew scatters some of his father’s ashes into the Mississippi.






Little notes and phrases everywhere. I will love to do this, as well as overheard conversations and little reminders of the trip.


Again with the Polaroids! I think I will have to get one for the trip… So I can have instant photos for my book!

cortina mapp

How did you document a road trip? What are your favorite destinations?

Happy driving!


5 thoughts on “Road Trip Map: Elizabethtown Style

  1. I just saw Elizabethtown again and fell in lust with this map too! I’m dying to make one of my own for a trip next weekend – let us know how yours goes!

  2. I guess I’m too much the romantic; I love the movie. My wife and I (married 22 years today) are planning a road trip through all the states we haven’t been. I created an itinerary that is 198 pages so far. I included pictures of what we want to see, hotels, restaurants (like from Diners, Drive-ins & Dives), but we’re not married to a schedule. If we want to go off and see something not included, we will. Good luck with your trip.

    By the way, I grew up in Wisconsin. I live in New York.

    1. Just an update on the itinerary I started so many years ago. It’s over 1000 pages in 6 parts. I just saw Elizabethtown the other day and still love it. Another travel movie with the same feel and a great soundtrack is Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’.

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