A Time to Prime

So I made a little Goodwill run the other day to treasure hunt and came home with a lamp, lampshade, ONE curtain panel. I needed to redo a window nook in the apartment and since I only found one window panel, I decided to cut it in half.

corner before

Here’s the corner of the room I felt needed a little pick me up.


I found this curtain panel for $12 that I wanted to use to accent the window. Very nautical.


And the lampshade? I love it. AND it goes with the curtain.

items to prime 2

I gathered my items to prime. The lamp and shade were at Goodwill for $7 a piece, the curtain was $12 and the small light fixture was at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $4. The owl spent the winter in our garden and was affected by the seasons a little too harshly.

owl before

I was granted permission from the boyfriend to paint his sad owl. My choices? Re-paint it to look like a realistic owl, or paint it all one color and make it look like a glorious statue. I chose the latter.

BIN 123 primer

Here is my primer of choice! I needed something to stick to all surfaces, and to block dark colors. painted items

For some reason I don’t have any pics of the items primed. I must have been busy with the Veronica Mars marathon I was watching. BUT after a coat of primer, these babies were ready to paint. The owl got an alabaster white coat, and the lamp got a black satin (can in picture) coat of paint. It’s an indoor/ outdoor enamel so I knew it would hold up on the lamp.

black paint

While I was at it with the black paint, I painted a picture frame laying around for a watercolor I did, and the light fixture got a coat of black after being primed as well.


Here’s a comparison of the light before in all of it’s crackled and gold glory.

feather pic inspriation

Here’s the feather watercolor I did for the corner of the room. The left was the inspiration I found on Pinterest. I did a watercolor of some splashes and then drew on it with a sharpie pen.

corner after lamp off

Here’s what my facelifted items look like together, after. Like they were meant to be!

corner after

And with the light on.

corner after 3

So, what do you think? Happy DIY’ing!


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