My Funny (Home-Made) Valentine

So the boyfriend and I chose not to really spend money on “things” this Valentine’s Day. I’m ok with being frugal but I DO like to have a reason to give a gift. Last year I made him something completely hand crafted. Hey, we just started dating and I was pulling out all the stops to impress. This year he got a stock pot for soups and sauces and a salad spinner. He’s a chef and easier to impress than I thought!

Here’s last years gift, in detail.

home made valentines gift

I found a box I had laying around I had acquired at an old job and ribbon acquired the same way. I used to take bits of things that I found at my old design job like discarded ribbons and packages because I knew I could use them. (Sometimes being a craft supply hoarder isn’t a bad thing.)

valentines gift box home made

The inner workings!

valentines cd

I made a CD of romantic songs and put it in the box. I don’t think he’s listened to it, so I’ve pulled it out to put in the car. That way he HAS to listen to it. I used this printable.

songlist valentines

Here’s the songs I made for the CD, just to give you some ideas for your own!

valentines wheel

I found this printable off of Martha Stewart’s site and used a little brad from my scrapbook kit to put it together. It’s sense gotten a little wet, probably from beers drank the night I gave him the present.

i love everything about you

Try your hand at some artwork! This is as easy as a coloring book. I used this printable for this picture.

printable coupons

How about some coupons? Cheesy as they may be, they are always a good Valentine’s gift. Try this printable for coupons.

home made valentines book

I love to make books. I love to keep scraps upon piles of scraps till I look like a crazy hoarder then put them to use in a little book that will hardly be looked at but I feel good making it. I made this with wallpaper samples, scrapbooking stickers, and key rings. Not too shabby!

envelope book page

Add an envelope to a page for future notes.

key to my heart

This literally cost me no money. I’ve got a collection of skeleton keys and the rest was just being creative.

hand drawing

I loved this little sketch when I saw it, but knew free handing it would be rough so I put the paper up to the computer screen and copied it from there. This would actually look good larger, and framed.

I spent NO money on this present and was able to throw it together with things I had collected or laying around. Weather or not you believe in Valentine’s day you can always treat your significant other to something sweet. Flying solo this year? Try some wine and a night with a girlfriend or watch some true anti-romance flicks: Horror Movies.

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Valentine’s board. Happy Valentines!


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