DIY Christmas: Be Your Own Elf, Part 3

This Christmas, I’m feeling the tight purse strings of being a college student who works part time, with full time bills. I have enough supplies laying around to make some pretty cool presents for people and that’s what they will get. Home made gifts! I’ve scoured Pinterest for hours and I’ve collected some of the best of the best and would love to share.

21 things for foodies

This blog post from Everything Etsy has 21 DIY things to make for foodies. Seeing as how I’m dating a Chef, this may come in handy.


Here are 10 more home made gifts including brownie mix, pepper jerky, and other kitchen goodies.

oil gifts

Know someone in need of a spa treatment? I do! (me…) Here are some essential oil gifts to make. I want to make the body butter just for me.


How about infused booze, or oil? This post from Sun and will show you how!


Now that I live with someone with a food dehydrator I want to do this for myself, and for others. Dehydrate some oranges, cranberries, lemons, apples, and jar it up with some cinnamon, cloves, and simmer in a pot of water. Enjoy!

sharpie mug

I have sharpies. The dollar store has coffee mugs. $1 presents? Can it be? Draw on design and bake at 425 for 30 minutes and let cool in the oven. Done! Put some tea bags or hot chocolate bags in for an extra gift.

muggle mug

I want to make this one for my brother. What will you do for home made gifts?

Happy Holidays!


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