The Hearth: Heart of the Home

Today in Architectural History we were discussing Frank Lloyd Wright, and his open house design plans. He loved to be able to see from one room to another. The professor explained that he didn’t want any rooms to feel like boxes, and how he loved large hearth’s and to gather the family around them. Then, something clicked in my mind. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to (maybe) start a family (someday) and knew that now wasn’t the time. I think babies are adorable but my mind never goes “I want one!” But when she said the “hearth was for gathering your family around” I suddenly got excited about owning a home and having families around the fireplace for Christmas, stories, movie nights, and just warming up in the Wisconsin winters. I finally have the right guy, so why not get excited?

Here are some pretty EPIC fireplaces and hearths to get excited about being a family around.

house of turquiose

This fireplace from a House of Turquoise post still captures my love of Interior Design. Not only is this my favorite color, but the warm accessories make this one of my favorite rooms to drool over.


This living room shot from “The Holiday” still makes me want to buy a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. Plus all the cozy over stuffed furniture makes this a great looking place to get comfortable with some chai.

style at home

The high ceilings, bench seats, and rustic log storage are just a few of the things I love about this fireplace.

wood burning stove

Ok, I know this is a wood burning stove, but I’ve visited many people’s houses with one of these in their family rooms and these babies can produce some HEAT! Perfect for living in the frozen tundra.

kitchen fireplace

The idea of having a fireplace in the kitchen has always been so appealing to me. Something about sitting around a fire and chatting up your company while cooking a good meal sounds like heaven.

porch fireplace

In the summer I was in Interior Design school, I lived on my friend’s back porch. Well, I lived in the attic, but I spent all my time on the back porch. If there was a fireplace though, I would have lived out there.

What are your favorite family hangout spots? Happy kindling!


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