Guest Post: Wonderful Ways To Attain A Chic Bedroom Via Curtains

Wonderful Ways To Attain A Chic Bedroom Via Curtains

“Hi I am Jess (Jessica Christian). Blogging about home decor gives me zeal and pleasure and it is my utmost favorite! A bunch of thanks to Roxanne for letting me do this. She is a sweetheart! For going through more of my decor work you can hop onto My Blog.

Whether you are decorating your bedroom from scratch, or re vamping the bedroom you already have, choosing the right curtains and hanging them correctly can transform your bedroom into a chic boudoir. Have a look at catalogues and pictures on-line, and use ideas from shop displays, to make your new bedroom curtains look chic and stylish.

Using Voiles In Your Bedroom Window

Use voiles instead of net curtains, or in place of bedroom curtains. Available in such a scope of colours, they can give a fresh, airy look and feel to your bedroom as the sheerness of the fabric lets the light in. You could choose subtle, earthy colours, or bold, exciting colours. Voiles are also available with swirls and patterns – something to suit all tastes, young or old.

Making Bedroom Curtains Look Classy

When hanging curtains, the curtain pole or track should be about six inches above the window and be wider than the window by about six to eight inches either side. The curtains you use should be about twice as long as the length of the pole or track, but this depends on the curtains and personal choice – seek advice if you are in doubt.

Curtains With A Difference

Buy panels of voile much larger than the standard measurement so that there is plenty of loose fabric to drape elegantly across your window, then gather them at the side with a tie back or hold back. Use more than one voile, arrange several panels of voile on the curtain pole, and consider buying a spectrum of colours for a really lively feel. For nice curtain blinds my favorite is Solo Blinds

Traditionally, windows have one pair of curtains that meet in the middle of the window, but think outside the box and be creative. Have a curtain tied in the centre of the window for a unique, casual look. Curtains should hang six inches below the window sill, or floor length curtains should end just above the floor to prevent wear from them dragging on the floor, but I chose curtains that swept majestically along the floor for a more opulent feel. Voiles can also look spectacular in longer lengths.

Different Kinds Of Curtains

Curtains can be attached to a curtain pole with tabs at the top of the curtain, curtain rings, eyelets in the curtain, or curtains can be attached to a curtain strip with traditional curtain hooks. Make sure you get advice on the correct way to hang new curtains and what accessories and length of curtain you need. Alongside curtains, consider using Venetian blinds or roller blinds. I love the natural ruche effect of Roman blinds in smaller windows and this could be teamed with a voile to complete the look. A wide variety of unconventional curtains can be found at Yorkshire Linen.

Pelmets And Swags

Consider having a pelmet across the top of the window for a luxurious feel, or dress your bedroom window with swags and tails. Drape panels of your chosen fabric across the top of the window in elaborate swirls using colours that accentuate your curtains.

Accessorize Your Bedroom Curtains

Choose ornaments for your bedroom in colours that complement your curtains. Also look out for curtain accessories with a difference: tieback and hold backs in all kinds of shapes and sizes and made from all kinds of materials, such as beads, rope, cord, chains and so on. Use your imagination! Use curtains and accessories to make your bedroom feel chic and sophisticated, they really can make a huge difference.


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