Chicago Architecture Day Trip

Windy City Instagram

Yesterday the class took a field trip to Chicago to check out some Architecture. We had to find our own transportation from Milwaukee, travel by train to each destination and find our way home. We were a bit behind schedule all day and didn’t even get to go IN the buildings we went to visit. My favorite part of the trip was visiting SOM at the Chicago Architecture Foundation (which by the way is a toy store for grown ups) but due to legal reasons, I couldn’t take pictures inside of SOM. I did however take other pictures throughout the day.

Roosevelt University

Inside the Roosevelt University. We were told to shoot up to the 10th floor, but sadly didn’t have time.

Roosevelt University 2

The Elevators were worth taking a picture of. (Just found out scenes from “The Lake House” with Sandra Bullock were filmed here! How about that!)

Chicago College 2

I love transportation by train. It makes me feel like I live in New York or another big city. Only, I could never live in a city bigger than Milwaukee. It’s perfect sized for me. We took the Metra from Kenosha to Chicago for only $8.25 each way as an alternative to the Amtrack that was $24 each way.


The L Train.

I took this in the lobby of the Chicago Architecture Foundation. They have a scale model of the city (most of it) that is really unique. There are lights that change colors that shine down on the city.

City Model SOM

The blue city.

City Model SOM 4

I loved pretending I was in a tiny town. Like in Beetlejuice.

IIT College

We visited the ITT campus, which was hard to appreciate given that it was kind of cold out. I was fascinated with this building with Mies Van Der Rohe’s face on it, where the L Train rode through the building and the faces were made up of little circles with graphic images in them.


A building on the IIT campus where the L dropped us off.

Poetry Foundation Exterior

We visited the Poetry Foundation as well, but didn’t go inside.

Poetry Foundation Atrium

There was a very “Zen” feeling atrium at the Poetry Foundation. This area is partially enclosed, but outside. You can walk right up to it from the front of the building.

Chicago Street

Some of the best Architecture was seen from the street. Too bad we were walking at a VERY brisk pace to catch a train in 15 minutes or I would have taken more pictures!

What’s your favorite building in your town?


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