Things I Love about Fall

It’s that time of year again. No, not that “time before winter.” That time where the air gets crisp and the leaves turn yellow and fill the streets. The time where you crave pumpkin flavored everything and get to layer up with your favorite bulky sweaters and boots. Fall. Most people love the typical things to love about Fall but here’s what I love about it.


Decorating. I had my fall decorations up in the beginning of September. I still have to get pumpkins to carve and have already gone through 2 bags of candy corn.


Costumes. Each year I try to come up with an amazing costume to make since I love the chance to dress up AND sew something. ( I say that now till I have kids and they need someone to make 25 costumes for a school play…) This is me at a Halloween party in 2011 where I won best costume.

fall foliage

The leaves. The colors, the crunch under your feet, the smells. If that was a year round thing, I’d be ok with it. Image Credit.

apple orchard

Now I haven’t gone in a while, but this year I would love to plan a trip to a local Apple Orchard.  I love to be able to taste the apples ahead of time so you know which variety you would like to pick.

tom soup

It’s soup weather. (Like this Tomato Basil Soup.)  And Hot Chocolate weather. And HOT chai weather. Apple Pie weather. I love fall comfort foods.

october 24 006

Creepy Halloween Decorations on people’s houses. I LOVE the creativity that some people have. And the fact that they just want to scare small children. (Yes I lived here. And yes small children were afraid to come knocking come Halloween.)

october 24 008

We went through a LOT of fake blood that year.

october 24 009

Hanging those cobwebs were SO fun. (Noted sarcasm)

tom pizza

All of the best foods are at the Farmer’s Market right now! A lot of people’s gardens are starting to produce the most and the best in October. Apples, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, and everything else that grows year round are ready for you. Just throw on an extra layer, get a coffee, and check our your local market. Image Credit.


And last but not least, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie gets watched A LOT between September and January. Image Credit.

What are your favorite things about fall? Do you have any traditions you uphold?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love about Fall

  1. Your list matches up so perfectly with mine, though I don’t go quite as big with the decorations since I live in a basement apartment. I’m right in the middle of sewing my own costume, which I so every year; I’m decorating tonight, which is always done with Nightmare Before Christmas playing in the background; I went to the orchard last week; and later this week I’ll be making my classic witches’ fingers cookies. My fall is definitely all about Halloween 🙂

  2. You got a perfect Fall list! I totally love the idea of cobwebs and all the spooky decorations! Roxanne I used to love watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” but life has been so busy that we dont get enough time to sit down and watch our old hits! Since you have mentioned it here I will also take out time and put it on my Fall list! cheers 🙂

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