Juicing at the Farmer’s Market

A few weeks ago boyfriend and I went to Green Bay to visit old friends, and go to the ever famous Broadway Farmer’s Market. I must admit the market has changed recently, with stands now offering fare comparable to a carnival like deep fried Oreo’s and meat on a stick. We got at least 5 bags or produce (some for the restaurant) and brought our Champion juicer to a friend’s store and made delicious drinks to share with friends!

GB 5

The Green Bay Farmer’s Market!

GB Water Works

We set up a little table inside Water Works with our juicer and hit the market for produce.

GB 6

Our little Champion we got off of Craigslist for only $100! It’s a great juicer. It juices wheatgrass, spinach, and every other fruit and veggie.

GB 2

Round one of juicing was cucumbers, blueberries, and raspberries. We added honey and mint, poured it over ice with some rum and had a little cocktail. All the produce you see here was only $18! I love farmer’s markets.

GB 4

Round 2 was beets, peaches, carrots, and kale. It was earthy tasting, but refreshing at the same time.

GB 7

I thought the inside of the beet was just absolutely gorgeous! It adds a sweet flavor and thick texture to the juice.

What’s your favorite thing to juice? Mine is apple, pear, a little ginger, and shake in a little honey and cinnamon. Happy juicing!


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