Project: Backyard Garden- Part 4

It’s August and the garden is in full swing! I’m so excited to finally be harvesting some goodies in the backyard. I got so excited in fact, that I went out and bought fresh Mozzarella and Balsamic for Caprese salads we can make with the tomatoes and basil in the garden.

Garden part 4-25

Here’s a view from above. I love the stones and the mulch really makes it pretty.

Garden part 4-24

Here’s a view from above that shows the pallets on the garage wall. They have really exploded in the last week!

garden part 4-3

Don’t know where this guy thought he was going…

garden part 4-5

Always my favorite, snap peas. These didn’t last long in the garden when I was a kid because I would sneak outside and eat them off the branches.

garden part 4-8

The yellow zucchini is finally growing! For a while I thought we got a plastic starter plant…

garden part 4-9

So that entire bush is cherry tomatoes. We’ve been bringing them in by the handful.

garden part 4-4

This is the first batch of hundreds.

garden part 4-12

So we got all this mulch for FREE when boyfriend’s grandfather cut down an old birch in his front yard. We got the chopped up stump and it has been doing a great job of keeping the weeds at bay. And it’s gorgeous. More so than the hay we had down before.

garden part 4-18

I love that we haven’t bought lettuce in weeks. We have our own little lettuce patch.

garden part 4-19L

I love this view. We decided to yank the radishes out because they took up too much space for the small amount of yield.

garden part 4-21

Basil! I don’t know what it is about the smell of basil but it makes me so happy. This picture was taken just after we harvested 3 pounds for the restaurant boyfriend is head chef at.

garden part 4-17

The very pretty free mulch surrounds the tiny “watermelon” coleas and right beyond that is our carrot patch. The tomatoes coming out of the pallet are getting a little out of control…

Do you have a garden in your backyard? Or, front yard? What do you grow? Happy gardening!


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