Guest Post: 5 Multipurpose Furniture Pieces for Smaller Spaces

By: Tali Wee of

Modern-day furniture designers make the lifestyle of studio apartment living much more comfortable. Multipurpose furniture frees up space typically consumed by beds, guest beds, game tables, chairs and desks. Versatile pieces allow condo owners or apartment renters to transform their bedrooms into functional home offices and back again with ease and in just moments. Check out Zillow Digs for ideas on how to configure multipurpose furniture and create stunning, well-designed spaces with little square footage.

Rather than omitting necessary fixtures such as ottomans and desks, consider these five space-savers that serve multiple purposes.

  1. Ottoman Bed For Overnight Guests

Blowing up the air mattress when guests need a place to crash can be a hassle. This twin-size guest bed folds up neatly into a functional ottoman with a slipcover to match the existing design of a room. Keep it in the living room or spare bedroom as decoration, then simply fold it out when the guests are ready to call it a night. The ottoman/beds have mattresses inside, but additional mattress pads for increased comfort are sold separately along with specialty sheets. The ottoman/bed combination can be purchased from Solutions for $199.

From Zillow 1


  1. Couch that Comfortably Sleeps Two

This is more than a sofa bed. One single uplifting motion reveals a bi-level sleeping option complete with a ladder and guard rail for safety. No further assembly is required on the Bonbon Doc Sofa Bunk Bed. Additionally, a variety of finish and fabric options are available for customizing the piece. All covers are removable and washing machine friendly. Prices start at $6,800.

 From Zillow 2


  1. Decorative Bike Storage

Storing a bike inside takes up valuable floor space and presents a safety hazard. Hang a bike out of the way under this fully functional shelf from Knife & Saw. The Bike Shelf allows cyclists to fashionably showcase their eco-friendly vehicles indoors. Choose between two sizes, standard and small, to best fit an individual space. The Bike Shelf comes in walnut and ash finishes for $299.

 From Zillow 3



  1. Dining Table Turned Pool Table

No more fighting over how to utilize extra living space. Create both a dining area and game room with this dual-purpose piece. The Fusion Table by Aramith offers elegant and fun designs to match any home’s decor. A leg riser system raises the dining table to 33 inches for standard American pool table height. Select between benches or chairs that conveniently fit underneath the table during a game of billiards. Estimates are quoted through the online table configurator, but the average cost is around $8,000.

From Zillow 4


  1. Modular Sofas

Don’t worry about being confined to one shape. Stack and rearrange these cubes to create the perfect seating at any moment. Transform a basic space into a living room, bedroom or office. Multiplo is a conceptual design by HeyTeam that combines versatility in a relatively small package, but it hasn’t been set for production quite yet. Keep an eye out for the progress of this proposal.

From Zillow 5


These five solutions are just a few of the options available in the trending niche of multipurpose furniture. Most pieces offer storage space along with two or three extra functions with a modern, sleek design. Although brand-name prices are steep, most of these pieces are available as knock-offs, which are sold at Wal-Mart and other discount furniture outlets.


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