Temporary Outdoor Sofa with Pallets

Catching a cold as of late, boyfriend told me to take it easy. How am I supposed to hold up on the sofa when it’s 65 degrees and sunny out? I decided to make a little makeshift sofa out of materials laying around so I could “get rest” outside while he gardened.

pallet sofa

We had some pallets in the yard from a project we hadn’t started on yet. I leaned one up against the fence, and stacked the others.

pallet sofa 5

We happen to have a sofa in the garage that didn’t fit into the apartment. It’s not in the best shape, so I’m not calling it a complete loss. But I didn’t want to toss it, so in the garage it sits. I took the cushions and placed them on top to make a “sofa”.

pallet sofa insta

You could bring out your own cushions, I suppose to do this yourself, or for guests.

pallet sofa 4

I set it up in a cozy spot under the trees.

pallet sofa 3

The view from the sofa.

pallet sofa 1


Our little farmer wanted to join. Happy outdoor napping!



4 thoughts on “Temporary Outdoor Sofa with Pallets

  1. What an interesting idea. I bet if you took some paint to those pallets then they would look really nice. That kitty is so cute. 🙂

    1. I was thinking that too! If it was meant to be more permanent I would consider painting them and putting them somewhere more permanent. Then I could take the cushions in and out of the garage based on the weather.

      1. Well maybe at some point you’ll have pallets laying around without a purpose and you can give them a purpose by do this.

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