Project: Backyard Garden, Part 3

I have to say, after a month or so of hard work, (mostly on the boyfriend’s behalf), the garden is looking awesome!

Garden collage 2Here’s a before and after from just a month ago, and today. I’m amazed! The pallets are growing like crazy! We already went and pulled lettuce and arugula off the top pallet shown to make a salad the other day.Garden Collage

Here’s another before and after. The bottom before and after shows the patio we re-assembled that cost me half a fingernail.

June 30 Garden 3

The onions are coming up really nicely. We got a starter pack at the Home Depot for those.

June 30 Garden 1

One little yellow zucchini!

June 30 Garden 4

Mint. I’m ready for Mojitos.

June 30 Garden 7

Those tomatoes are taller than me. Taller than boyfriend. Who is over 6 feet tall. I remember him planting them in the fall and seeing them grow to what they are now.

June 30 Garden 2

MORE tomatoes. We will soon have enough to start a small italian restaurant.

June 30 Garden 6

We built this A-Frame out of two pallets and filled it with dirt, and basil plants.

June 30 Garden 5

We built a rain barrel out of a 55 gallon food grade tub we got on Craigslist for $8. We got about $10 worth of parts at the home depot to finish it off. I’ll do a post about that next!

June 30 Garden 11

No strawberries yet, but when it happens, I can’t wait!

June 30 Garden 8

And this may be my favorite part of the yard… The patio, the path, my patio furniture put to use! I can’t wait to start harvesting the cucumbers, snap peas, strawberries, carrots, onions, radishes, lettuce, arugula, herbs, zucchini, broccoli, peppers… and the many other investments we’ve made in the yard! Happy Gardening!


Temporary Outdoor Sofa with Pallets

Catching a cold as of late, boyfriend told me to take it easy. How am I supposed to hold up on the sofa when it’s 65 degrees and sunny out? I decided to make a little makeshift sofa out of materials laying around so I could “get rest” outside while he gardened.

pallet sofa

We had some pallets in the yard from a project we hadn’t started on yet. I leaned one up against the fence, and stacked the others.

pallet sofa 5

We happen to have a sofa in the garage that didn’t fit into the apartment. It’s not in the best shape, so I’m not calling it a complete loss. But I didn’t want to toss it, so in the garage it sits. I took the cushions and placed them on top to make a “sofa”.

pallet sofa insta

You could bring out your own cushions, I suppose to do this yourself, or for guests.

pallet sofa 4

I set it up in a cozy spot under the trees.

pallet sofa 3

The view from the sofa.

pallet sofa 1


Our little farmer wanted to join. Happy outdoor napping!


Color Trends for Spring – 2013

With summer almost finally here (those from the midwest know how treacherous it’s been this season), it’s time for garage sales, spring cleaning, planting bulbs, and fresh coats of paint. Here are some of the color trends, and some of my favorites, from this season.

Gray. Yes, Gray. Not a cool steel gray, but a tan-gray. Something that when the sun hits it just right it almost looks tan. Something neutral where you can decorate with almost any color combination. Pairs well with brick walls, wood floors, older homes, and newer alike.

Shades to try: Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” for a gray that goes with ANYTHING, or Benjamin Moore OC-140 “Morning Dew” for a light, almost off white hue, or Sherwin Williams SW7632 “Modern Gray” for a little more color.

color- gray

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color- gray tan

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color gray 2

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Sea Blue- I’ve been seeing this color a lot lately. It’s not a robin’s egg blue, it’s a lot more subtle, it has gray undertones to it (notice a theme?)

Shades to try: Benjamin Moore “Palladian Blue”, Sherwin Williams 6204 “Sea Salt” or Pratt and Lambert 25-27 “Chanteuse”.

color- sea salt

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color- palladian

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Peacock! The feathers, images of the bird, Halloween costumes, and the color have been trendy for the last few years. This color will bring an elegance to any space, and a cheerful whimsy to any dark corner. Pairs well with any wood floor, neutral carpeting, white woodwork, and bright fabric accents.

Shades to try: Hallman Lindsay’s 0688 “Cold North” (similar to photo below), Pratt and Lambert 22-11 “Reverie” for something bright and playful, or Sherwin Williams 6951 “Cote D’Azur” for a true peacock blue.

color peacock

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color- peacock 2

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White. Yes, white is a trendy color. It’s like saying water is a trendy drink, but hey, you can’t reinvent the wheel here. Don’t go for a crisp white though, try an off white, something antique or alabaster. You can pair ANYTHING with white, and in the right space, it won’t make your home look manufactured, but clean and crisp.

Shades to try: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”, Benjamin Moore’s “Dove White” (said to be the best white ever) or Glidden “Parchment White” for something a little toned down.

color- white

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color- white 1

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So this season’s theme is very neutral, almost Cape Cod or Hampton’s beach house-esque. I say if you want some more color though, go for it. It’s your space after all! I have a TON more ideas on my Pinterest page. Check it out! Happy Painting!