Project: Backyard Garden, Part 2

After some cold days of digging and planting, and a small injury, we have made some progress in the yard! Still far from done, but it’s a start.


This is a shot before we did anything at all.


We started by digging up the dirt by the garage so we could put new dirt there and mix up a nice little dirt cocktail for the planters and the yard. We had worm castings, coconut coir, potting soil, existing dirt, and other things that boyfriend is aware of that I am not… Dirt type things. (He’s the gardner, I just dig where he tells me.)


 We dug up the paving stones so we could roto-till the yard and move them to a new location that made more sense.


I managed to set one of the paving stones down… on my finger. I don’t recommend that, for obvious reasons. One week later, still have the nail! Woo hoo!


The other side of the yard is going to be left untouched for the landlord’s dog to run free.


We created a new patio! It took a lot of sand, landscaping fabric, and elbow grease. Boyfriend doesn’t let me move the stones anymore. For a fair reason. I think we are still going to move the stones that are trailing up to the new little patio area so they are closer together. And they need sand under them so they don’t sink.


 We started filling dirt into the painted pallets and planting them! We will start planting them and standing them up to save space in the yard.


The pallets with landscaping fabric on the back, ready to plant!


 A view from above. The neighbors are even getting in on the planting too! They have some planters in the yard for their own plants.


 We are going to plant in the dirt that we dug up and tilled, and the dirt along the garage that we dug up as well. Boyfriend has been mixing good dirt into the dirt already there to make it plantable.

cat in garden

We’ve been watching a kitten that likes to come into the garden with us and hang out. It’s a fenced in yard so he’s not going anywhere.

I’m happy with the progress! We have peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, more lettuce, sprouts, broccoli, wheatgrass, herbs, I got some lavender and pansies, and when it’s not 50 degrees I will enjoy spending more time out there digging in the dirt. Happy gardening!


6 thoughts on “Project: Backyard Garden, Part 2

  1. Thank you for this post. We’re moving in two weeks to a house that begs for a vegetable garden. We have peonies and a huge birch tree and we saw a fawn nestled next to a tree way back in the yard. I love your pallet gardens!

  2. Wow! You guys are awesome. Really great work and such a good idea with the pallets standing up. I bet vines would look fabulous in them. I too have lavender. I plan on making my own essential oils with my herbs so watch my blog if you are interested.

      1. Well..I’m going to look up how to candle make as well and maybe incense make. I need to go on a major supplies getting trip to a craft store.

  3. Lovely post. I have built two pallet tables and a picture frame myself and now I want to try your ideas. 🙂 Sorry about your finger. ~Joanne

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