Project: Backyard Garden

So boyfriend and I went to the Home Depot in search of some supplies to put some raised gardens in the backyard. We got the green light from the landlords to do what we like, and we are going to! Here’s part of the yard we have to work with. It’s double the size on the other side of the yard.


We just have to move the grill out of the way and the pavers. There is so much potential! We got some white paint at the Home Depot to paint some pallets to build an A frame garden.

pallet 3

We decided to paint just the tops, so we can fill them with dirt and grow through the cracks.

pallet 2

We used Rustolium indoor outdoor pain and it worked awesomely. A quart was only $9.


We painted the tops and leaned them up against the garage to dry. Next, we will staple landscaping fabric on the bottoms to fill them with soil and plant with them!

home depot flowers 3

There were some gorgeous things at the Home Depot…

home depot flowers 2

I couldn’t help but swoon over the hydrangeas.

home depot

I would have gotten this if I didn’t think the cat would eat it.

home depot cactus

I love these little cactus’s! Happy Gardening!


One thought on “Project: Backyard Garden

  1. Wow! I love the idea you came up with using the pallets. I still need to plant all my plants I got which are going to go into pots.

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