DIY Quote Painting

I’ll start this post by saying 1. I needed a picture above my bed. Blank walls make me sad. 2. I have some blank canvases laying around. 3. My favorite book in the world is Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. I decided to do a simple painting of one of my favorite quotes from the book to fill a space on the wall.

I typed the quote into Word processor to make sure it would fit on a rectangular canvas, and so I would know where to put the words.


Once I had the words printed, I folded the page in half, and in half again, and again the other way. That way I knew where to place the words on the canvas. I measured the canvas for it’s halfway point and wrote the words onto it.



The last few lines were crooked when I was writing, so I made sure when I painted the words to straighten it out.


Here’s my finished work. I painted the black words, then I painted in white around it. Sure it took a long time, but It was worth the finished look. I like how the white isn’t even in the background.



I also took some old sconces that I found at a garage sale for $6 and spray painted them black to match and go on the sides for a finished look.


Looks better black!



I love the finished look! Plus, I get to re-read one of my favorite quotes as often as I want to.


Price of canvas: $8 for a 2 pack. Sconces: $6. I had the candles and the paint, so this project cost me $10. Happy decorating!


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