Big City Living, Easier Than Small City Living

With my move to Milwaukee in the last few months, I’ve discovered that living in a bigger city is easier than living in a smaller city. Easier, with all of the conveniences of transport, shopping, and things to do. I will never say “I’m bored. There’s nothing going on here…” again. I’m selling my car to fund my college career, seeing as how I work 5 blocks away from home and I walk to campus, just 2 blocks away. Oh, the gas money I’ll save! The grocery stores are everywhere, but the one we love most is Trader Joe’s, and it’s only a few miles. They have a wide selection of organic foods, whole foods, and natural selections, which was hard to find in a small town.

art of being happy

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Big city perks I’ve noticed:

  • Last week some girlfriends and I wanted food from a specific restaurant, and there is a bicycle delivery service called FlavorCycle that will pick up your food and deliver it to you (limited restaurants.)
  • I walked to class today (as I do every day) and wanted to check out a bike shop to see about a new bike. It was only 3 blocks away, and I was able to walk there too.
  • There’s a grocery store, specialty beer and wine store, pizza place, breakfast place, movie theater, coffee shop, etc, all just 5 blocks or less away.
  • I moved here just three months ago and found out a dozen or so friends had done the same. I already have friends here. My boyfriend wanted to move here too, and he has friends from his very small hometown that have already moved here as well. People like moving to big cities, so we both already knew a ton of people here.
  • I went for a bike ride the other day and realized the beach was less than a mile up the road, within walking distance, and if I ride my bike, NO parking! And NO parking tickets!
  • There is an endless supply of restaurants, all with different price ranges to fit my budget. I have a picky diet, and there are restaurants here that suit what I need with many (not just a few) selections. There are tons of bars to meet friends at, and you can literally try something different every time you go out. Awesome bands tour in bigger cities, thus, more shows for music lovers.

milwaukee beach

Hello Milwaukee beach and Lake Michigan! Photo courtesy of a friend and MKE local, Kaitlyn. (Follow her on Twitter @KaitlynMKE )Yes, this is the view from the rooftop solarium of her apartment… I know, I’m jealous too.

Rent is a little more, but I will save like $400 a month when I sell the car. No gas, no car payment, no insurance, and I can always take the bus that’s included in my tuition if I need to travel farther away. Public transportation is much easier in a larger city than in a smaller one, there are more busses, more stops, and more times the bus runs. I have a bike for exercise and travel as well! Well, I did have a bike. I recently hit the pedal with my car while it was in the garage, bending it, and it fell off while I was riding it. Minus a few scrapes and a bum arm, I’m lucky I wasn’t hurt any further. Now, I’m in the market for a new one.


If money was no object… How about this one?

We’ve also started to grow a garden! I know you can do this in a small city too, but it’s not impossible to grow an urban garden. We’ve started tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, beans, peppers, herbs, and many other foods. The plan is to grow half of what we eat, and once we have a juicer, many meals can be provided through juicing the right veggies and fruits to get all of the nutrition you need.

Herbs Garden

What may be mildly impressive to some may be very impressive to others. Knowing that I helped these little seedlings grow and will help them grow more outside gives me great satisfaction. I love knowing what’s in my food, and knowing I helped grow it ensures I know exactly what’s in my food. So far, loving the bigger city life. I am learning which neighborhoods to stay out of, and where to shop for what I need for less money and high quality very quickly.

Do you live in a large or small city? Which do you prefer?


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