Guest Post: Make Your Home Appealing to a Buyer


If you are thinking about selling your home, then you need to begin preparing your home to make sure it is appealing to potential buyers. Keep your home looking nice even when you do not have any viewings coming up because potential buyers might drive past your house to have a look before setting up a viewing and you do not want to be rushing around if someone has set up a last minute viewing. Here are a few tips for you to make sure your home is appealing to any buyers.

–        Temporarily get rid of pets

Obviously, you do not have to keep your pets out of the house for the whole time you are trying to sell, but you may want to send them to a family member’s home while you are showing people around. Some buyers may not like dogs or cats and they could potentially be allergic, so it is best not to have your pets around.


–        Clean your home

Not many people will find a dirty home very attractive, so give it a good clean before anyone comes to view it. If you give your home one good clean, then you will not have to do another big clean again, if you keep on top of it, that is.

–        Make sure it is decluttered

A decluttered home looks more spacious and this is something potential buyers might be looking for. A spacious home is a bonus and no clutter allows the potential buyer to see the home without the mess. Clutter may suggest to a potential buyer that you have something to hide in your home.

–        Make the front look nice

This is the first part of the home potential buyers are going to see, so this counts as the first impression. Make the front of the house look nice by cleaning any cobwebs off the porch and adding a few potted plants. If you have a front lawn, then make sure it is neat.

–        Add simple homely touches

Just adding simple things, such as flowers, around the house can really make it more appealing to a buyer because it seems more like a home.

Obviously these tips will not guarantee a quick house sale for you because it depends on what the buyer is looking for, but following these tips will definitely give you a better chance of selling your home. Basically, just make sure it looks clean and presentable so the potential buyer can see the house for what it really is.

vase of flowers

About the Author: Shelly Flaherty is the mother of two children and she loves everything about property and interior design. She recommends taking a look at Alloy Structures if you are in need of more space quickly!


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