Vintage Attic Finds

Recently I was helping the boyfriend clean his grandparents attic, and re-arrange the contents, throw away old and broken items, and even sell some things to get them some money. Among the bees nest, the sentimental wedding dress and ice skates from the 40’s, and the Green Bay city council books claiming the new name of Lambeau Field, we found some other awesome things. Some we are keeping, and some we are selling, and others we are putting back in the attic where we found them.

vintage collage 2

Among some of the things we found, an antique fan, a tube TV that… works!! And some luggage and a wooden crate. We claimed the fan for our own.

vintage tv

The TV worked when we plugged it in. Amazing! All we need is a converter box and we can watch TV on it!

vintage fabric 2

This box of quilts was in poor shape, so I cut off the ties, and cut the fabric from the batting, and am re-creating the fabric into something new. And yes, those are Care Bear sheets.

vintage fabric

This gorgeous fabric wanted to be used! So I sewed it onto a knit quilt as the backing. It’s now on my bed.

vintage suitcase

This was a suitcase from 1994 that was never unpacked. We checked the date on the magazines (the one under it has Barbara Bush on it.) I wonder where they were going…

vintage linens

These linens are now on my Etsy store! There were about 100+ more tablecloths, but most of them were plastic and made for a picnic.

vintage glasses

Many, many glasses. We kept a few, and will sell or donate the rest. The family of course has first dibs.

vintage collage 1

More gems… A GE record player in a suitcase, an alarm clock, a Brownie camera (purchased on his Grandfather’s honeymoon when they forgot their own camera), and a humidifier.

vintage lantern

This is a railroad lantern, missing the light, but would make a neat decoration.

vintage radio

This is the best find of them all! It’s a little coffee table with drawers, and when you pull out the drawers, one is a radio! The record player is missing, but it’s still awesome. It needs to be re-finished, but I can do that. And as for the radio? The boyfriend can fix that.

The rest of the Christmas and Easter decorations, Packer memorabilia, blankets, and nostalgia was neatly packed away and easily accessible for the family. What’s the best vintage thing you’ve found? Happy Antiquing!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Attic Finds

  1. what a jackpot find.You guys are lucky. That stuff was old when I was young. P.S. that fan is the coolest.

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