Winter in Door County – Day Trip to Cave Point

Winter in Wisconsin seems to never end… It’s March and it snowed yesterday and the forecast isn’t going to get above 38 for at least another 10 days… So when the boyfriend wanted to go to Door County for a day trip, I was hesitant. But after getting to Cave Point Park and getting out of the car, what I saw took my breath away. I’m learning about all of the gems of Wisconsin (making lemons out of lemonade?) and I like what I see.


Upon walking up to the water, all you see is a vast expanse of water and thousands of tiny glaciers.


I loved the colors in the spectrum here. Teal blue and evergreen, with a touch of icy blue-gray.


The view was amazing, and don’t worry, safe. I really wanted to see a penguin, but I know that’s an unrealistic thing to ask of Wisconsin.


This lonely glacier (about the size of a refrigerator) was bouncing back and forth off of the cliff. How cool would it be to explore down there in the summer?


My tour guide amongst the cliffs and the ice. I climbed down to let the wind roll around me and just soaked up the view. I didn’t even notice it was cold that day.


If it’s this gorgeous in the winter, Cave Point must be really amazing in the summer…


The fog got thicker the farther back the water line went back. It was gorgeous, and the pictures don’t do it justice.


We also visited the exterior of a little abandoned house known as “The Mushroom House.” Should I be telling you this if it’s abandoned and probably private? Well, I didn’t go inside or take or ruin anything. I was doing a “study in Architecture.” Or so I liked to think of it as. How COOL would it be to fix this place up?


I’m sure whoever designed this was, well, probably not clear of mind. But it’s a neat little hobbit hole.

What was your favorite outdoor winter adventure? This is at the top of my list, for sure. Even though the mid-west is icy cold, it helps you appreciate the difference in seasons when you get to feel the changes in temperature. Happy exploring!


One thought on “Winter in Door County – Day Trip to Cave Point

  1. Everything about this post is wonderful and dreamy. It is places like this that make me wish I was rich and could rescue.

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