On The Set Design: “Elizabethtown” Claire’s Apartment

Ok, so even though I watch this movie all the time, “Elizabethtown” (2005) was pretty bad. The plot was terrible, the character development was bad and totally unrealistic, there was no romantic chemistry between the leads (although Orlando Bloom was in it, so wink wink to that…) and Kirsten Dunst’s character was stalkery and way, way too cliché. The best part was her apartment, and the journal / scrapbook / road trip guide she made for Drew (Orlando Bloom), which by the way that she unrealistically made in like 3 hours that really would have taken weeks. Blog post about that gem is here.

To get pictures of Claire’s place I had to watch the movie and pause the screen. But, I got some good ones.


Claire Hall

This screenshot of the foyer shows a cute narrow dresser, a couple of mirrors, wall shelves, and floral arrangements. Very vintage and shabby chic.


Claire Kitchen

Claire has a vintage little kitchen with a yellow stove, and checker floor. I love the gray-blue walls.

claire's kitchen

Here’s a close up of the floor. In this scene she’s scooping a cat box, but you never see a cat…

claire kitchen

Gif Credit 


Clarie 3

Here’s a shot of what I believe is the bedroom. I don’t recall seeing this furniture in any other scene. I love the keyholes though, I have a dresser with skeleton key holes, and I happen to collect skeleton keys. I haven’t checked to see if they fit though. I should. She also has a cat lamp. I love that. You can see on the screen that she’s making the road trip map. I haven’t been able to find the little cat light on the shelf, but I found something close.

Claire Bed

The blue wall is bright, and “Charming.” Want to replicate that? Try Benjamin Moore Paint color “House of Blues” 758. Same goes for the dining room.

Claire Bedroom

Claire in her red sheets. Image Credit 

Claire 6

I’m a fan of the vintage lamp in the bedroom, and the red sheets are a great contrast.

Living room

Claire 7

My favorite room! The reason I wanted to paint my office/ living room (the room adjoining the Living Room) blue. That and it’s the only gallon of paint I have laying around. So blue it is! I mean look at those oriental rugs, the vintage dress form, flowing drapes, and chandelier. Love.

Claire 10

I’m a huge fan of the blue! Maybe because it’s my favorite color… How can she afford this apartment on a flight attendant’s salary? Oh yeah, she lives in Kentucky.

claire living room

Image Credit

Here’s the famous road trip journal in the making! They want you to believe she made a 2 day long soundtrack and map with stops in like 3 hours. Because she’s super human. She’s also supposed to have a cat, which she does not, because anyone that has a cat knows they would be ALL OVER YOU as soon as you do a project on the floor. Also, having blue pillows in the living room ties in the blue in the dining room.

Claire 4

Where is this taking place? I don’t know. But I like the vintage print and the lamp.

Claire 1

This bathroom is adorable. Subway tile. Peacock blue. Crystal knobs. Sold.

Clarie Bath

Closeup of the subway tile. How long were they on the phone?! My guess: 6 hours. They both stopped to charge their phones, and go to the bathroom. Only in the movies.

Here’s my take on Claire’s apartment (after obsessive pause and go movie watching) And of course I had to guess on over half because you only get to see half of her apartment. But it’s fun to imagine!

Claire Apartment Plan

What’s your favorite movie apartment? Happy viewing!


2 thoughts on “On The Set Design: “Elizabethtown” Claire’s Apartment

  1. This is a really cool analysis of Claire’s apartment. I love that you even made a floor plan. My favorite part of the movie is the entire thing. I love how it explores Drew’s relationship with life and death (tangled up with his notions of success and failure – he goes from wanting to die to finding new life), Drew and Claire’s relationship, his family and the small town his dad is from (which reminds me of my life), Judy Greer, Susan Sarandon’s character is poignant (I love watching her go through phases of grieving in a comical but relatable way that ultimately gets this beautiful conclusion with “Moon River” and her speech about her husband), Bill Banyon (“And I apologize, per se, for my role in that deal, per se.” :p), the way Drew is thrown into a situation where he has to act like an adult and handle his father’s death even though he does not feel prepared or qualified (e.g., he cannot handle everybody yelling at him about the cremation/burial debate, and he makes lots of silly fumbles, like offering his sympathy to the family even though it was his huge loss – comfort in, dump out), the family politics surrounding his father’s death (so relatable), the way he learns even more about his father after he passes away, Claire’s fear of commitment (if you suppose that Ben is fictional) that goes hand in hand with her incessant outpouring of love and positivity, the way she keeps Drew at a distance while clinging to him before letting him in, the way there are people who are with you because it serves their interests (e.g., Ellen, Drew’s boss) and then others who you have a genuine connection or ties with (e.g., Claire, Drew’s family), Chuck and Cindy (“Right next DOOR to each other!”), the pace of everything, the 60B scene (which is really important on 2 levels – if he misses 60B, he’s missing an important exit and major life lessons, and if he never took 60B, he would probably get back on the bike), the ambiguity of things that lets the viewer make up their own mind about certain things (Do Drew and Claire have a temporary relationship, or is there something lasting there?), Ruckus (the scene where he’s discussing his passion and how close they got to success – how it was one of those dreams that died quietly in the back of his mind, but then they are reunited, even though they weren’t really that good :p And the bird! And how Drew and Claire do not get frustrated over that. Better to dance in the rain!), Orlando Bloom’s spot-on American accent, the music, the way the music plays with the movie, and the quotes! “This loss will be met with a hurricane of love.” :p This movie makes me happy. Thank you for the closer look at Claire’s apartment. The amount of work you put into looking at it shows. I bet your office and living room look great in that color of blue!

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