The Best Coffee Drink You’ll Make at Home

So I started making this coffee drink for myself recently, and it is THE BEST coffee drink I’ve ever had. Seriously. I drink coffee with cream and sugar usually, and that’s about what this is, but better. Maybe some of you already know these tricks, and this is old news, but when I learn new things I like to share them. Here you go!

coffee drink 1

So, you start with about a half cup of coffee. You can make stronger coffee for this drink if you like, you’ll be adding a bit of milk to it, almost like a cappuccino.

coffee drink 3

Get yourself a sweetener of your choice.

coffee drink 4

Get your dairy of choice. This combination worked great for this drink!

coffee drink 2

This is honestly the best use of the Magic Bullet I’ve come up with. You need a blender, Bullet, Ninja, or frother of some kind. Even a little battery powered, hand held frother would work.

coffee drink 6

Here I added about 1 part half and half to one part coconut milk or skim milk, totaling about 1/2 cup. You can add as much or little as you want to though, really. It’s personal preference. Then add your sweetner. I like to add a squirt of honey and a tablespoon of sugar. Then, microwave for about 30 seconds. If you don’t have a bullet, you can microwave in a coffee mug, then blend for a few seconds, or froth up.

coffee drink 8

Blend up!

coffee drink 10

Once blended, pour into your coffee, and you’re done! You can lightly stir, but don’t kill the bubbles. They are the best part. I think once you heat it up, it dissolves your sugars, and blending it mixes the sugar and the milk together, adding the froth, and it’s just such a delicious drink, from home too. You can save so much money, and it’s just seconds of cleanup.

coffee drink 12

Just look at that! A café worthy cup of coffee.




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