New Place: A Design Blank Canvas

So in a few days I’ll be moving to Milwaukee to attend the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. I went to the new place and got the keys and took some pictures to start planning on the design. I will have a roommate to help me figure things out as well, but there are a few rooms in the house that will need a lot of help.


This is one half of the living room. So much space to work with!

IMG_0569This photo shows the living room on the right side, the entry door from the staircase, and more living/ dining space on the left side.


This picture shows the living/ dining room on the left side. Not a fan of the wood panel wall, but maybe I can paint it. What do you think we should do with this part of the room? Dining? Sitting/ book/ study room?


The kitchen has so much potential! It will need some wall shelves for storage. I was thinking of maybe using re-purposed wood and some brackets from the local antique store for wall shelves. New ones cost quite a bit of money, especially when we would need enough shelving to cover this wall. Also, we would need some kind of cabinet between the sink and stove. There is nowhere to put food that comes out of the oven.


There’s plenty of room here in the middle of the kitchen for an island. Now, where to get a cheap one… Craigslist?


This is the only storage in the kitchen. With my things and my new roommate’s things, there isn’t near enough storage. I mean throw a coffee maker, toaster oven, and microwave on here and you’ve got NO room for anything else.


I was thinking of taking the fridge and moving it to the other wall, and putting a little table next to it so there’s somewhere to prepare food. I was thinking of going to the re-store and looking for some cabinets.


This is an adorable bathroom. All that’s needed is a cabinet on the other side of the wall for storage.


This is my bedroom! There’s a window bench seat and a ton of natural lighting. The closet is a little small but I should be able to make it work. The door in the back goes to a 3 season porch.


Here’s one picture of the porch. It’s pretty basic. I was planning on putting a sofa back there, my old box tv with a DVD player and some curtains with some christmas lights. A perfect study and craft retreat.

So, blank canvas? I think so. I’m pretty excited and open to suggestions!



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