Holiday Words of Wisdom

This time of year can be exciting, exhilarating, and… overwhelming. With the hustle and bustle of the snow, the presents, family and decking the halls it’s easy to loose sight of the meaning for the season. I’m not too big on religion, so this isn’t me on a soapbox. It’s me talking about being with your family, appreciating them for their GOOD points and trying to get along. It’s about giving a gift that means something to you and them, not giving someone something for the sake of. And “I didn’t have any money” is a poor excuse for not giving something to someone. Everyone has a touch of creativity in them if they try. Or how about using the bartering system with a friend that is creative to get them to make something for someone you love in exchange for something you do? Anyways, here are some things to remember not to loose sight of this holiday season.

words of wisdom 1

Something to remember this holiday season. You only get one family. Weather you want them or not. link

Words of wisdom 2This is the best way to give gifts. Give because you want to make someone happy. Not because you expect to be getting gifts in return. Tis the season for giving, after all. link

word of wisdom 3

Don’t get someone something they won’t use just to get them something. link

Words of wisdom 4

DON’T let old family feuds and judgements get in the way this holiday. Try to smile, know everyone gets a little stressed, and tell yourself you’re an adult, and you’re an awesome person. link

words of wisdom 5And if all else fails when trying to get something for someone… This is a pretty good rule. link

Remember, sometimes family is who you choose, not who you’re born with. Appreciate the people life gives you that make you happy, support you, love you no matter what, listen to the same endless drama over and over, and never ask for anything in return when lending a hand or an ear. Just show your love and gratitude, and you’ll get the same in return. Happy Holidays!


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