Glitter Crafts!

So I found some cheap glitter at Hobby Lobby and wanted to try and make some crafts. I know, “glitter is the herpes of crafting.” because once you use it you can’t ever get rid of it. But it’s so pretty! Craft number one: the Anthropologie tree in a jar. I’ve seen these little guys at Anthropologie for $28, and thought to myself… I can make that.

Tree in a Jar


Tree in a jar. Simple looking and adorable.

Tree 1

First I collected what I needed. Jars from Peanut butter were better shaped than the jars from spaghetti. You can use actual Mason Jars if you choose. I didn’t have a small tree on me (you can get them at craft stores in the model town area) so I clipped a few sprigs off my faux garland and decided to hot glue them together.

Tree 2

Here’s the glitter I found for just under $5. What a steal! So much I can do with this…

Tree 3

I gathered these things out of my ornament box since I wanted to add a little more to the jar than just a tree.

Tree 5

I hot glued the little sprigs together then trimmed them into the shape of a tree. The next step was to paint the branches white for the snow.

Tree 6

I used a dry brush technique, where you dab a brush in a little bit of acrylic paint, then lightly dab some off of the brush, and lightly touch the edges of the branches till you get the look you are going for. Let this dry.

Tree 7

I needed the tree to stand upright so I used an old wine cork to do the job. I cut it in half with an exact o blade, then carved out a little hole in the center and hot glued the branch wad into it. Let this cool / dry.

Tree 10

Here’s my little santa in the jar! To finish the jar, you glue the tree into the lid, I also put some quilt batting around the tree and glued it to the lid for fluff. I glued the little santa in there too. I put about a half tablespoon of glitter in the jar then screwed the lid on, and there you have it!

Tree 8

All I have to do now is paint the lid a different color. Since I had everything I needed at home all I had to pay for was the glitter. This would be a great gift idea!

Glitter Clothespins

Next I wanted to make some glitter clothespins for gifts. This is one of the easiest crafts. You need:

  • Clothespins
  • A roll of magnet tape
  • acrylic paint
  • glue like Elmer’s or Mod Podge
  • Maybe Gorilla Glue


Take your clothespin and if you decide to use white glitter, paint the clothespin in a color of your choice, the color will show through the light glitter.

Clothspins 1

If you use the gold and silver you can just paint on some glue and sprinkle on some glitter. Shake off the excess glitter, let dry, and paint a coat of Mod Podge over the glitter so it doesn’t keep coming off.

Clothspins 3

I painted some in blue, and used the white glitter to let the blue paint show through. I had to cut the magnet tape into a skinny strip to fit on the back of the clothespin. Once I stuck the magnet tape on I realized it was starting to curl and come off. Not fun! I tried hot gluing them back on and it worked better, but they slightly peeled off again. Maybe use some gorilla glue and make those puppies stay on there.

Clothspins 4

These are the colors I ended up with!

Clothspins 5

Finished! The magnets aren’t the strongest, so think twice before putting something heavy in them. Happy Glitter-ing!


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