Don’t Buy New Gift Wrap This Year! Ideas for Alternative Wrapping.

Gift wrap. One of those things birthday candles and a Starbucks cup that hold excitement for just a little while then 5 minutes later, it’s gone and wasted. Yay… That was fun. So why spend the money this year on wrapping when you are already spending money on the gift? You can make your own wrapping with just a little creativity that will cost you less than one of those fancy glitter covered gift bags.

gift wrap tissue

How about stamping old tissue paper? You can also get a large pack of tissue paper at the craft store for $1. Not too bad! Plus I bet you already have some laying around the house somewhere.

gift wrapping stamps

While we are on the subject of stamping, how about using the insides of paper bags? You can use a ball of twine or jute you get at the hardware store for tying your gift for under $2. I know you’re thinking, “Roxanne, stamps aren’t cheap you know. You need ink, and the stamp, and that will add up.” You’re right. It does add up. Not if you use a coupon to your local craft store you get online for 40% (in most cases) or look at the dollar store or shop when there’s a sale. I know Michael’s craft store has dollar bins in the front of the store with stamps. Look there. OR: Try making some.

home made stamps

Link via Say Yes to Hoboken.

creative gift wrap

Check out this post from Ellinée about creative gift wrap ideas.

More Ideas to wrap with:

  • Road Maps
  • Table clothes and linens
  • Old Cookbook pages from a thrift shop. Just the recipes you would never cook… Or ones you want to share.
  • Fabric Scraps– stitch the edges and tie around the present

gift wrap fabric

  • Paper from Christmas past. Why not re-use? I tend to keep old tissue paper, I like to use that inside of a clear plastic bag tied with ribbon.
  • Newspaper. Find a funny headline and circle it. Or circle words to create a sentence.
  • Comic Books from a re-sale store.
  • Use strips of tule as ribbon, it’s very easy to tie.
  • Shoeboxes- use some acrylic to paint them.
  • Wallpaper samples from a paint store. I went in one year and got old wallpaper books and used the large squares to wrap all of my gifts. The paper is so thick you can make boxes out of them Click here for a template.
  • Coffee Filters. Why not lay them all out, tape some together from the inside, and wrap a gift in it, finished with some nice ribbon?

How about using wrapping from a thrift store?

creative wrapping from goodwill

These thrift store finds are some great creative and cheap solutions. And low on the carbon footprint.

And speaking of Jars:

mason jar lids

Why not use some Elmer’s or Mod Podge and make your lids personalized?

gift wrap bags

Use some lunch bags for gift wrap and make them pretty.

gift wrap lunchbox

How about an old lunchbox? Check out this site for ideas for gifts under $5.

I LOVE this idea with the tissue paper:

tissue flower

So cheap, and cute. You can even keep it and re-use it again. Or decorate with it.

So, save some time, money, and trees and think about making your own gift wrap. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. Happy Holidays!


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