New on Etsy: Convertible Bag

I’ve seen a lot of ideas for bags that have multiple purposes, and I made one (now on my Etsy Store ) to get an idea of what I want to make more of in the future. My Etsy store (Practical Enrichment) is dedicated to making items with at least 50% recycled content. With some items that may not be possible, but for the most part, I think I’ve succeeded. I love the idea of a bag for many purposes. And I think i’ve accomplished that here:

This bag fits a MAC book in it, measuring 14″ x 11″. I used a recycled belt from Goodwill as the handle, and fabric inside is from a garage sale that was selling remnants. I already had the black fabric, so all I had to buy was the bird fabric and the hardware. The bag has 3 ways to wear it. Option 1 is above, with the full strap on the top hooks, to wear over the shoulder.

Option 2 is shown above with the handle hooked onto the hooks about 1/3 of the way down the bag, folding the top of the bag onto itself. The metal hardware on the top to hook the handle is actually the belt loops from the original belt from Goodwill.

Option 3 shown here is to loop the handle through the buckles and hook both ends onto one buckle. That way you have a shorter handle to work with.

Here’s a closeup of the laptop inside, just the right size for the magnet clasp to shut the bag. I DID have a pocket ready to sew inside the bag, but got all excited about making it (it’s my first one) that I forgot to put it in.

I plan on using at least 50% recycled materials in ALL of the bags that I have on Etsy. That way I’m lowering the carbon footprint of the items I sell online, and lowering my pollution contribution to the world.  Thoughts? What can be improved? I’m thinking of making another one tonight with more pockets for chargers and phones and whatnot. Happy Sewing ( and Christmas Shopping!)


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