Closet Re-Do: Mustard Yellow Dyed Sweater

Remember how I said I was going go to through my closet and do one of three things: alter, donate, or toss the clothes in there depending on how they fit, or how fashionable they were? Well, I started, and found a white cardigan that I rarely wore due to the nature of it’s bright white-ness. It fit perfectly, and I loved the fact that it was cotton, and had chunky buttons. I decided I wanted a mustard yellow sweater instead, and went to the craft store to get me some yellow dye.

To make the yellow color I needed I had to get a pack of Yellow Rit and some Tan Rit Dye. I got the powder packets, which can be messy. I used mostly yellow, and added a bit of tan depending on how mustard-y I wanted the sweater. I followed the instructions for “sink dying” to dye my sweater in a bucket. You have to get some water almost boiling hot, and dissolve the dye in the water. I experimented with the color on an old t-shirt to get an approximate color, being that my sweater was also cotton. My mistake for not taking a before. I’ll paint you a word picture, it was white.

I let the sweater sit in the bucket for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly, per instructions. (Get your clothes fully wet before submerging in the dye or you’ll get splotches.)

After washing and drying (per instuctions) the sweater was a tad bit more Big Bird than Mustard. So, back to the dying again… Next time I added more dye, to make the color stronger.

Round 2: Much better!

I tried the sweater on with a new dress, and, it matches! But while I was in the altering mood, something didn’t seem right to me about my $7 Target find…

I wasn’t a big fan of the lace. I decided to cut off the lace, and re-attach the straps to the dress.

Much better! I could then move the dress up too, and hide the ol’ bra.

This is a picture from later that evening when I’m wearing my newly dyed sweater, and lace free dress! Just goes to show you don’t have to settle for the clothes you have, you can make them something better! More to come, I have a pretty full closet… Happy altering!


2 thoughts on “Closet Re-Do: Mustard Yellow Dyed Sweater

    1. I say go for it! Maybe use the washing machine method for a larger item, and be sure to use enough dye, since some will wash out. But you can always dye more than once. Good Luck!

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