Guest Post: Planting a Vegetable Garden in an Outdoor Space

Planting a Vegetable Garden in an Outdoor Space

Everyone is taking about how important it is to eat enough fresh vegetables, yet far too often it can be expensive to get five servings a day. One of the most cost effective and rewarding options is to plan a vegetable garden right in your own outdoor space. From backyard gardens to rooftop container gardening, anyone can start living the good life as a vegetable grower.

Outdoor Vegetable Garden Ideas

Here are some ways to plant a vegetable garden in any outdoor space, whether you live in the country or the city.

Raised container gardening is very easy to try for a first time grower or anyone looking to control the gardening space. This is especially helpful if you have a small yard, or want something in easy reach. For older people or those with handicaps that prevent a lot of bending and lifting, a raised vegetable garden can be ideal. Start by choosing your raised container type and size. You may want to start with a wooden frame placed on top of a solid surface. Add your soil; get it to the proper pH level, while you start your seedlings indoors. Then, plant for each season of vegetables tending to the weeds and pests.

Porch, veranda and patio gardening offers so many unique opportunities to grow healthful vegetables in limited space, without all the digging and soil prep that a traditional garden requires. Choose the plants you would like to grow and determine the type of root depth and space each plant needs to be healthy. Then purchase low cost containers made from porous material, like terra cotta, and fill with soil and starter plants. Use trellises to support vines, and use the right amount of watering and fertilizer to keep your plants producing. Or you may try an upside-down planter for tomatoes and peppers.

Your back yard outdoor entertainment areas can be a great location for planting a vegetable garden too, because they offer plenty of shade and shelter from the elements. Choose to add a small flower bed along one side of your house and include a few colorful vegetable and herb plants too. Red peppers, carrots, and parsley often look stunning nestled among flowering shrubs. You can also try hanging plant containers and grow your vegetables above your head, somewhat out of sight from guests, but in easy reach for salads.

In many urban and suburb regions, entire neighborhoods are participating in communal vegetable gardening to support a more sustainable lifestyle. This means you may be able to get together with those in your community to earn approval to plant vegetables in a local park instead of letting it go to ruin. While you can benefit from having access to a wider array of fresh vegetables, you can also provide a bountiful harvest for local food pantries and soup kitchens for those dealing with homelessness and poverty. This can make not only a difference in your life, but to others at the same time.

Growing a vegetable garden outdoors can be a highly rewarding experience that’s good for your health, your food budget and your environment.


About the author: Lindsay Parrich is a renowned freelance writer with many years of experience with the home & garden industry. She also covers humane rodent control companies such as Bird-X in her free time.


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