Hello, September.

As I sit here with cold toes, (even though it’s near 80 outside, i’m cold blooded, what can I say) I am reminded of fall. Yes, we all love and gush about fall and it’s colored leaves, chunky sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and layers, so i’ll do what I do every year. Write about it.

Get cozy, it’s about to get colder. Image credit

 Yes please! Image link

Find a good book to read.

I imagine this to be Nutella hot chocolateImage link

Go ahead, throw a dinner party. The farmer’s market has the best stuff this time of year.

My FAVE fall outfit that looks good on anyone. Leggings, boots, cozy dress, chunky scarf, and your favorite fall jacket.

Tomato basil bisque. Three delightful little words.

When I think fall, I think Chai Tea. This recipe is about home made chai concentrate, but in a pinch brew a packet of Tazo Chai and mix with a little skim or half and half for a smooth latte.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for fall already! True, i’m not ready for summer to diminish quite yet. I still have a lot of beach going, outdoor festing, farmer’s markets to attend, and bike riding to do. Happy Autumn!


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