Project: Closet Re-do

I spend- wait, waste a lot of time getting ready in the morning. I try on shirt after shirt and every pair of pants I have and still only leave the house half happy with my reflection. I put together a board on Pinterest of the ideas of clothing and outfits that I like and use that to get ready in the morning, but still struggle. Maybe it’s not me, maybe it’s my clothes… Some shirts are too small, too big, not very flattering, to long in the back, to floaty. Some pants make me look like a rectangle, and some make me self conscience about the view from behind. I know what you’re thinking “Roxanne, try on your clothes before you buy them!” I have a bad habit of not doing that. Or I get them at a thrift store with the intention of altering them. Or I try them on, think I like them, and never wear them.

SO here’s my idea of a project. I’ll try on EVERY article of clothing in my closet, and turn it into something I LOVE or donate it. I’ll hem, let in, let out, widen, dye, add embellishments, or just plain get rid of it and let someone else enjoy it. And I’ll document the whole thing. Starting… Tuesday. Hey, it’s a holiday weekend. I’m going to enjoy myself!

Happy Altering!


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