How to Make an Infinity Scarf

I saw this idea on Pinterest (let’s be honest, this is now where I get most of my great ideas now a days…) and wanted to try it.

These awesome wrap around scarves are called infinity scarfs.  I have enough fabric laying around, and wanted to make one for myself.

Start with a light weight fabric, something like Jersey or a light linen would work best. The tutorial for the one shown above said to make sure your fabric was 60-74″ in length. I used about 72″ and think it was just a hair too long. You can maybe go with 68″ for the perfect length. Also, make sure you use a stretchy fabric if you are going shorter, so it fits on your head easily.

I used a lightweight cotton/ linen I got at a garage sale for $1. It’s white with little nautical black stripes in it.

Just throwing this out there now, cats love crafts. A LOT. And any activity that takes place on the floor. This fabric measures to about 74″ long x 4′ wide. I only wanted to use half of the width, because I didn’t want a giant bulky scarf. The other tutorial said to sew just the top to the bottom, and if you are using Jersey, it will roll itself over, omitting the need for a hem. Well, i’m not using Jersey.

It was easy to cut the fabric (about 2′ in width) because the fold mark was there. Otherwise I recommend marking the fabric in from the edge every foot or so.

I decided to sew the entire sides up, making a long tube shape. That way, I still had the bulk, but no fraying. You can do a tube, or you can just sew the ends to itself. It depends on what you want, and the fabric you are using.

I then folded the fabric right side out, (sewn part on the inside.) Face the ends towards eachother and grab the two matching seams, right sides touching. See below:

Carefully sew the rim into itself, with the right sides facing each other, all but about 8″ of it.

Start sewing! Of course you can’t do that the whole way around. You’ll notice that you will get stopped with about 8″ left.

You’ll notice you get stopped when the fabric starts folding in on itself.

You’re now left with a little hole, easy to fix. There will be a small part with a seam showing, but once you sew it shut and put the scarf on, you can hide that.

Fold the fabric slightly in on itself in the opening, and stitch just what’s open with a very small seam allowance, maybe 1/8″.

You should be left with a small, barely noticable spot where you sewed shut the opening. You can hide that by wearing that part in the back.

Here it is again. You can barely see it.

The finished product! I’m pleased with it. and since it’s black and white, it will go with a multitude of outfits. This is the full length 74″ verion. I thought it was a little long, so I took out about 14″, and now it fits much better.

Here’s the newer, shorter version. Happy sewing!


2 thoughts on “How to Make an Infinity Scarf

  1. Turned out great! I like the fabric you were able to snag- seems like it would be very versatile. And, love your little helper too! I enjoy seeing people actually making things from Pinterest. It’s one thing to pin and make boards, but to actually sit down and re-create your ideas is another! Well done!

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